22 March 2013

The Bright Side

After writing on some recent whiffs of Spring, we of course had a snow storm of school-cancelling proportions. Everyone complained, as they're wont to do, but not me. I found a bright side in it. I had recently hauled the three ties you see above at a thrift store. The striped one is a blend of 80% cashmere/20% silk, possibly the most luxurious tie I've ever owned. The paisley is 100% wool. Both are by Paul Stuart. The print on the right is 76% wool/24% silk, by Luciano Barbera. All three were made in Italy, and didn't cost $20 together.

So the bright side lies not in the fact that I found these ties, but in the lingering cold weather giving me a chance to wear them once or twice before stashing them until next Winter.

Remember, when thrifting, one rule trumps all others: the time to buy a vintage item is when you find a vintage item. Ignore seasons and get what you can when you can.

p.s. RE: Recent Spam via anaffordablewardrobe@yahoo.com
Yesterday, my email was hacked and began generating spam to all of my contacts and customers. I apologize for any inconvenience, and have been working to remedy the situation. A new email has been created as a base of operations for An Affordable Wardrobe, and anyone wishing to contact me can now reach me at anaffordablewardrobe@gmail.com. I thank you all for your patience in this matter.

The bright side here is that I finally got that gmail account I should have created years ago.

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Beakywitch said...

I bought two tweed jackets recently. One is by House of Tweed and the other is Edinburgh Woollen Mill. Very autumnal. Spring has not sprung here in the south of England so I am sitting, confused, in a long black lambswool and angora classic cardigan by John Lewis. Thrifted for £3. Am enjoying your blog very much and considering one of my own.