17 September 2013

New in the Shop: Alterations

Regular readers of this blog know that if I have anything to teach anyone about building a wardrobe successfully out of leftovers and thrift scores, it is the importance of a good tailor. Having clothing properly fitted by a skilled tailor really should be an imperative for anyone who looks to be considered well dressed. With thrift store clothing, it's just as true. In the end, well fitted clothing, no matter what the original provenance, will always look better than any garment requiring alteration. Good clothes are to some degree only as good as their fit.

An Affordable Wardrobe is proud to announce that we will be offering alterations service in-house as of this coming weekend. Find the clothes you need, and I'll fit them for you, deliver them to my tailor, and have them ready in quick time to be picked up in the Shop at your convenience. As far as I know, this service is the first of its kind offered in a second hand store.

I've struck a partnership with Dick Robason and his crew at Le Couturier House of Alterations in Cambridge. A family business with generations of experience in the tailoring of fine garments, they give the kind of expert service one expects when dealing in quality garments, second hand or not. I'm really excited about this new development in the AAW Shop.

p.s. after nearly a month of neglect while I concentrated on setting up the physical Shop, the online Shop has finally been given some much needed attention. Many new items have been added today, with many more to come soon. See it all here.


Anonymous said...

I'm really excited about this. I'll be in Rhode Island for a weekend in November for a wedding, and I plan on making the trip from there to check out the store in my free time. Assuming I find something in the store that I like/fits reasonably well/maybe needs alteration, will it be possible to have it sent to your partnered tailor and then ship it out to me?

Unknown said...

That's a truly nice offering. Sets you apart form everyone else, especially online/etsy only shops.

Weel done and good luck.

Anonymous said...

If we send a sports coat, can he take the lining out of the back and "do it up right" with the seams? I cannot find anyone who wants to do that, but several linen jackets of mine would benefit from it.

Mr. Sidetable said...

Great idea. I hope to be able to make it up there sometime in the next few weeks.

Joe said...

Anon. 8:36,

we can certainly ship items out to you upon completion of alterations

Anon. 1:12,

I can vouch for it personally, he's done that job on my own jackets very well.