04 October 2014

Follow Up: The Knot Standard Jacket

I am more than a bit overdue with this post, but here is the follow up of the revisions to my jacket from Knot Standard. To review, Knot Standard is yet another of the growing number of companies offering "online custom". Having had less than good experiences in this realm before, I decided to give them a chance and took them up on their offer of a free jacket back in July

I was impressed with the company then. The communication was great, the website easily navigated, and the jacket was of quality cloth and construction and arrived fairly quickly. The trouble was that the shoulders were cut too narrow and the length of the coat was a little long. After a very cordial correspondence with them on the matter, they remade my jacket and the new one arrived about a month later.

I must say I am more than impressed. The new jacket has been adjusted perfectly, and I look forward to wearing it next Summer. Besides getting a quality garment at was is effectively a reasonable price ($395) the level of service was something that you don't see much anymore. That's worth as much as the jacket to me.

I may  not have paid for it, but I'd have to say that Knot Standard is worth every penny. Their prices rival that of many ready to wear brands of lesser quality, and the service is great. If you're not one to scour the dirty thrift shops like me, but you're less than  satisfied with what your money gets you at retail these days, give them a try.


WSTKS-FM Worldwide said...

Looks sharp! What a shame though that it's now too cool to wear it, and the initial outing must wait until next (late) spring or summer. Very nice.

Best Regards,

Heinsz-Ulrich von B.

AVY said...

Very sharp yes, looks good.



Lindgren said...

Lovely jacket, though even at that reasonable price I couldn't afford it (off to the thrift store ...).

My main reason for commenting, however, is to say that I'm looking forward to the next post. I hope you're in good health.