10 October 2008

Balmy Fall Weather

Today we had the latest in a string of balmy October days. As much as we've all been looking forward to tweed and such, a day like today begged for a bike ride with the boy. So that's what we did.

Dressing for a day like this can be tricky. While it would be foolish to walk around sweating bullets in something too heavy, it would be equally foolish to dress for summer. One has to find a way of splitting the difference.

personally I like to keep a couple of white t'shirts with ringer necks in various colors. I find when you're dressed for comfort without a tie, they add just the right dash of color at the throat.I don't like to iron my khakis. If the cotton is good and sturdy, like this pair, I find that most of the wrinkles fall out after I've had them on for 10 minutes, leaving behind just the right amount of rumple.Of course, as with so many things in men's clothing, its the little details that matter most. These yellow and blue socks are a little too Summer in this context.These grey and white ones, which I changed into, are a bit more October.And it's never too soon to get the kids started. Olive green chinos, navy and white Polo rugby with a blue oxford collar and a Red Sox cap (final score Boston 2 Tampa Bay 0 in game one of ALCS).

Hell, he looked better than I did today.

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Patrick said...

I rarely iron my chinos. Seems counterintuitive.