25 November 2008

An Eye on the Future

It's always a good thing for a gentleman to keep an eye on the future. One must provide for the children, plan the weeks meals, see the crash of the financial system coming and so forth. In thrift terms, it this means looking at what people are selling for Christmas and planning to hunt for it in January and February.
Take this pair of pants from Orvis for example:

I can only hope that some guy gets these for Christmas and with a strained smile says "Oh, Thanks", then jokes about them over football with his buddies, makes a crack or two about the sort of guy who might wear them, then sends them to the Goodwill when his wife isn't looking. If said guy happens to wear a 34" waist, then I'll score them for $5.99 in time to wear them a few times before this winters thaw.

Always keep an eye on the future.

1 comment:

Alan said...

Love your blog. Those pants are actually quite attractive. I couldn't find them on the Orvis website. Definitely an eye catching look.