04 November 2008

Plaid as Hell, part 2

Behold, the Tartan Slacks in their full glory:

I had to break a personal rule and wear French cuffs with a blazer. Initially I was wearing a white button down, and promptly dumped coffee on it. In a hurry, this shirt was the only one that both matched and was pressed.Scrimshaw, stripes, Tartan and brass buttons. It should be too much, but I think it works.In other news, I called on J.Press and Andover today to inquire on the status of my possible part time employment. They both replied that lack of business would unfortunately prevent them from writing any extra paychecks at the moment. Oh well.

So I stopped off at Brooks Brothers to ask the same question. The store has recently been renovated, and it definitely smacks of fashion now, and everyone has an Italian accent (seriously). Still, I'd work there for Christmas.

In other other news: a black president. I'll be damned, I guess we're collectively more progressive that I thought after all. Good for us.

I realize that I have just mentioned the election and the economy in this post, but please no political comments. This blog is for fun. Let's discuss goofy plaid pants at great length instead.


Anonymous said...

Maybe we can even hope that Pres. Obama will occasionally wear a navy blazer, an OCBD shirt, and a regimental stripe tie in his role as everybody's president.

Tucker said...

Love the trousers. I'm not sure about the tie; I might have chosen a solid color or emblematic. It seems to work on you, though. Good job all around.

DAM said...

Can we discuss, what appears to be, your tattoo on your right forearm? Is that a leftover from your more punk days?

Pitboss12 said...

Cool outfit. Is that a bit of a tattoo I see under that cuff? Are tattoos considered trad? What if I needed it to get into skull & bones?

Toad said...

I like the pants, but prefer my blazer in the same blackwatch modern.

Giuseppe said...

I'll write a post about tatoos soon, I promise. Until then, just know that I have a few, and that my wedding ring is actually a tatoo as well.