18 March 2009

Comparison Shopping

Recently, our man Conor of Young Man/Old Man has put in a couple of plugs for yours truly as a master of the thrift store. I humbly thank him for his recent kind words. With that in mind, I thought it might be nice to steer away from my recent cultural musings and throw in a good old fashioned Affordable Wardrobe post, prices and all. The price in black reflects the going retail. (approximate) and the price in red reflects what I paid for it.Brooks Brothers blue oxford, $65/$1.99. Silk tie from Aras, a long gone men's store. Ties of comparable quality sell for about $50/$2.99. The mystery jacket, (now with brass buttons) from a USA factory. Sew in a J.Press label for $525/$3.49. Silk pocket square, $20/$1.J. Crew "Essential Chinos", $60/$5.49. Allen Edmonds brown suede 'Bradley', $500/$12.99. Coach belt (not shown) $90/$1.99. Red socks from H&M, $4.99/$4.99.

Grand total: $1315(ouch)/$34.93(whew)

One of the best features of traditional American menswear, the real stuff, is it's sheer longevity. Not only is it built to last, but the style remains timeless as well. This not only makes it an admittedly sound investment for those who can afford to cough up full freight, but it also means that you can buy it old and still have it forever.

One day I hope to be able to have the experience of shopping new, straight from the source. I'd like to be on friendly first names terms with a real old salesman at my favorite shop. Until then, I'm happy to sniff out the thrifty leftovers and keep the dream alive.


Mateo said...

Fancy Boston thrift stores...so jealous.

C said...

Great post Giuseppe. I love the look. The price paid 'aint bad either! Given my obsession with pocket squares I would like to see a full shot of that PS, it looks pretty interesting.

Thanks for the shout out. My finds pale in comparison to yours.


dandy nihilism said...

You sir are an inspiration. Do you invest in trips to multiple thrifts often? Do you ever venture onto ebay?


Anonymous said...

The truth of the matter is that when one has good taste, like your good self, one can go thrifting and dress impeccably. With bad taste, one can spend a king's ransom at BB on some of the most garish, atrocious ties and shirts imaginable.

Andrew M. said...

Where'd you get the H&M socks? I can never find decent(and colorful!) socks for cheap. Even president Obama wore green, I noticed. It's just too much. I also find it really funny when white college kids nowadays also get wasted on Cinco De Mayo.

Anonymous said...

White college kids nowadays don't really need an excuse to get wasted...or to dress abonimably.

Andrew M. said...

I should know, being a white college kid myself. Although I chose not to dress abominably, or get wasted every night. By the way, I just realized the St. Paddy's day comment was on the wrong post. Oh well.


Alf said...

I am relieved to discover you buy your socks new.

Do you really dream of buying new things - surely your joy would flee?

Perhaps it is necessary though - for then some distant day someone else will have the chance to discover finery in a thrift shop.

You remind me of my nonno and his bargaining ways. How he loved to argue over price. He would try an strike a deal anywhere.

Now I see no shame in trying to bargain in shops large and small, just for the sheer pleasure of it.

Thanks for the blog.