01 March 2009

The Jams

"You have five seconds to decide whether you're part of the problem, or part of the solution!"

" ...and now it's time to...


(you either get that or you don't)

(For any musicians out there, this video is equipmant porn. That's one hell of a pile of Marshall tube amps, and some pretty looking old drums)

I can't do adequate justice to a description of how important this record is to rock n' roll, but my acquisition of it does involve a good thrift story.

There's a store near my house that specializes in mid-century Danish modern furnishings. It's not a thrift store, it's a proper antique shop. The prices are very high, but the things they sell are works of beauty in perfect condition. It's almost like a museum. It's nice to stop in occasionally to see what they've unearthed, and if I ever build that white cube of a house in New Canaan Connecticut, I'll know where to buy that $8000 Herman Miller sofa to put in it.

One day I happened to dig through thier little collection of records. They were spectacular, one after another, and rare as hell. Every impossible to find jazz record, in like new condition, with the price tags to match. And then this glorious nugget finds me; price: $4.00

This live record by the legendary and short lived MC5 from 1968 is extremely hard to find, let alone on an original press vinyl, which happened to be a radio promo copy. All nice perks. But most importantly, there are no words to describe how great this music is. Sure, I know it's all out there to be downloaded into some silly digital toy for $.99 a song, but if ever a record jumped off the needle and out through the wooden speakers in all it's deafening glory, this is the one.

I brought it to the register with the thrill of someone committing a crime in broad day light. The proprietor looked at the price tag and let out a deep, long sigh. He said "do you know how rare this record is?" I answered "yes, but the price tag..." He cut me off: "it's your lucky day. $4.20, please".

Damn, I love this record.


Cyclo2000 said...

Aye the MC5 are up there with the Stooges and the Ramones.

Have a wee looky here friend...

Anonymous said...

What a great record and fantastic music.. You'll find a lot of those and more at http://www.forevervinyl.com. The out of print music store.

Anonymous said...


Awesome. Always makes me think of the White Panthers, though.

poloist12 said...

My comment isn't about the James, as I have no clue as to who they are.

I have a question. What indusrty were you in before you became unemployed? And what are you doing to market yourself? Have you thought about taking your talents, whatever they may be and starting your own business?

I am self-employed and I have to tell you it was not do to my own ambitions, well some of it was, but only a small portion. I had been employed in the Corp world for years, and lost my job. It was hard for me to find work, so I started my own business.

It was hard but I'm glad I did it. I take time off to be with my daughter when I want, and my stress level is much lower. Now I'm not saying that there is no stress, or that I do not work longer hours, but its nice to know that I can take time off to do the things I like to do, and be with the people I love the most. Just a thought.

Theo said...

jesus, so jealous. what a fantastic find

Brendan L said...

Whenever I'm browsing a record store and am asked if I need help finding anything I always give a shrug and ask if they have any MC5 - then we both have a good chuckle. It sounds like the proprietor of the shop was inwardly cursing himself for allowing whomever priced the records to do so instead of himself. Congrats on the find.