16 March 2009

Three Easy Pieces

I've been wearing the combo of Barbour jacket, Lands End down vest and J. Press grey flannels like something of a casual Northeast three piece suit for about a week now. I think I like it.
I find that by wearing the vest open at the bottom, and showing some shirt cuff below the sleeve of the Barbour, this group can be imbued with a certain casual country sort of elegance.If I were the sort of man to roam the lake with a rifle under my arm hunting for water fowl, I think I might dress like this, with my flannels tucked in to a high top pair of Maine Hunting Shoes. As things stand, this makes a pretty good look for a budding architect who likes to dress well in an increasingly too-casual business world.As a side note, these old J.Press oxfords had a pretty nice collar roll. Sometimes I see guys wearing button down collars with a lot of starch in them and I wonder why. Isn't the whole point of this kind of clothing the perfectly American concept of fusing dress and casual into a distinctive form of comfortable elegance?


DAM said...

I Like It.

Pigtown*Design said...

One of my favourite things to wear is an old denim jacket with something dressy under, like a cashmere sweater and good wool trousers, or a fun skirt and boots. it puts everything in its place.

Anonymous said...

I like it. And I like the ink on your arm. Makes me like you even more for some unexplainable reason.



Anonymous said...

Great combo!

Toad and Friends said...

Is it still that cold there?