02 November 2009

Happy Autumn!

Since I fell asleep on the couch last night, I think I'll take the liberty to combine last nights post and tonights post if you don't mind.

Last night, I decide to kick off November with a rustic Autumn meal. I know this is a clothes blog, or a style blog, or whatever, but I like to cook. Every now and then, I get so excited I feel the need to share. Here is my own recipe for a fall pork tenderloin roast.

You'll need: Pork tenderloin, bacon, maple syrup, mildly spicy grainy brown mustard (I like Gulden's, country style Dijon is also a good choice), plenty of fresh sage (preferably from the yard), an onion and some potatoes.

Mix together a half-and-half mixture of mustard and maple syrup, then brush the entire pork loin with it. Add a layer of whole sage leaves to the top and sides. Wrap the whole thing in bacon (nothing like pork wrapped in pig).

Brown the loin in a cast iron skillet over high heat, until the bacon just starts to crisp all the way around. Toss the cubed potatoes and chopped onions in on either side, season with salt and pepper, and toss to coat in the bacon grease, which by now should have collected in the sides of the pan. Throw the whole thing into a 375 degree oven for about 30 minutes, occasionally tossing the potatoes.

The finished product should look all delicious, like this. Served with a salad of baby spinach, apple, red onion, dried cranberries and shredded English cheddar in a simple vinaigrette, it was really quite yummy.

The whole thing was inspired by my purchase of the last 22 oz. bottle of Cisco brewer's of Nantucket pumpkin ale. I'm not usually a big fan of the pumpkin beers, but those guys at Cisco really know what they're doing. The stuff is pricey, but good. If you can find it where you live, spring for it. It's worth it.

Follow the whole thing with a slice of homemade pumpkin pie with whipped cream, and a mug of hot spiced cider with rum, and you can see why I fell asleep all content on the couch an hour later.
In keeping with the Autumnal theme, here's a bunch of brown, green and tan punched up with a yellow (didn't they used to call that color 'Goldenrod'?) shirt. Dig the houndstooth pocket square in earthtones...a silky scarf heisted from Mrs. G.
Down below, J.Press grey flannels and some stripey socks. I bought those socks at Target yesterday...I have to go there periodically to procure formula and diapers for the baby, cut me some slack. Anyway, they came in a package of three for $5.00! The other two pair were an argyle in the same colors, and a pair in solid grey with a brown toe, yellow heel and orange band around the top. Not bad. I bought another set in a navy blue/ kelly green color scheme. File under 'cheap commodities'.

And of course, the now famous dirty white bucks. I promise to stop yacking about them soon, but I am way into this look. It may seem shocking and out of line, but I think it's got a real "class of 1959" kind of vibe:

(photo, Life by way of Ivy Style)

Enjoy the sage and white bucks now, before the Winter sets in.

p.s. see what I mean...bad ass.


A said...

wow great article, big fan of cisco brewers of nantucket! My parents live on Boston's South Shore, and I can usually grab their stuff at the local liquor store (Curtis Liquors in Weymouth, MA)

Roast and outfit look great too!

Anonymous said...

You've convinced me it's time to branch out and get socks in a pattern other than argyle. Thanks.

heavy tweed jacket said...

Good looking roast! Thanks for sharing the recipe. Great socks by the way.


The food looks great geezer.Check out Woogies shoes on Google

Paul said...

Great post!!! I have a pork loin in the freezer and some sage out back. I'm gonna make it this week.

Wish I had some white or tan bucks.

Unknown said...

Love cisco brewers products. We don't normally keep beer at home, but when we do, we make sure it's the good stuff.

Will have to try that pork loin recipe sometime. Have been looking for a good pork recipe for a while.

Anonymous said...

I can't get on the bandwagon about dirty white bucks. For me, personally, it's like walking around in grass stained tennis whites. I get that some things won't ever look like they do on the mannequin - linen will wrinkle, collars may need starch every now and then - but dirty white bucks...? It just looks dirty, and not in the grungy-collegiate-just-rolled-out-of-bed sort of cool that people can get away with. Just my thoughts...

James said...

Don't you think socks make a powerful statement about a man?

Mason said...

This will be the second recipe I lift from this blog, hopefully it goes over as well as the last one did.

initials CG said...

Thanks Giuseppe, I always like hearing that other men enjoy cooking. Sharing these recipes is a great addition to your other musings.

But do tell us...did you prepare the meal in that outfit?

Giuseppe said...

A and Miguel,

Cisco is definitely the good stuff. I'm also a big fan of the Grey Lady Ale.

Thanks. We had your shepherd's pie for supper last night and leftovers tonight. Delicious.

It tasted even better.


I hear you. Things like this aren't for eberyone, and I'll be the first to admit it's more than a litle brash. That's why I had to consider dirtying these shoes for years before I actually went ahead and did it.

Indeed...white tube socks make perhaps the most profound of statements.

do it.

I'm Italian...next to breathing, cooking and eating are what keep me going, in a literal as well as figurative sense.


the great deal of Italians, those who are not in the business,can't cook. I have loads come over from Italy to stay at my London house and always at some certain point they'll want to show me their pasta skills.I'll be honest nearly all crap cooks with zero idea of what pasta means.But last year there was una Bergamasca who was simply sublime in her pasta cooking skills.But this idea that Italians , most of them, can cook is crap. They don't even dress well now.