11 November 2009

Dollar "Bill's"

Khakis are nearly a disposable commodity in my wardrobe. I always keep at least four pair on hand, in varying shades, and I wear them a lot...like some guys wear jeans. Eventually, the bottoms get frayed and a hole starts to wear through the hip pocket wear I keep my wallet, and then they become gardening pants, or something to wear for painting projects. As such, I'm always looking for new pairs, but this is never really a problem. Khakis in general are so popular that the thrift stores are always teeming with them. Often, one can find an entire rack filled with nothing but khakis. If you're lucky, you may even find a pair of Bill's Khakis, new with tags, for a dollar. (no joke):
Priced at $8.99, they were a steal. But yellow tags were a dollar today, which is a downright un-heard-of bargain. That's pretty nearly 99% off the going retail price. Even better, they're model "M2", which is the trim cut version. Perfect.
They haven't even been hemmed yet.

I've read a lot of raves about Bill's on the Internet these past few years, but being a total cheapskate, I'll never pay the better part of a hundred bucks for khakis. Guess I finally have my chance to see what all the hype is about.


Anonymous said...

Nice find, and for $1 none the less. I consider it a steal when I get them on STP for around $50.
The M3 is actually the slim cut version. I would consider the M2 the "regular" fit and the M1 the "loose" fit. The M1s are just too baggy, but I really like the M2s and M3s and they wear like iron. You'll have them for a long time.


You mean Chinos?

JRS said...

Wow - what a great find. I have quite a few pairs of Bill's, all with great results. The M2 and the M3 models are the way to go - any Bill's with pleats are like parachute pants...

Rasputin said...

A dollar!!!! Wow!!! Man, that's makin out like John Dillinger!
Seriously, the Bill's Khakis are way over rated- tried a coupla pairs and always felt ripped off. I look for the Polo or BB ones in thrifts and outlets.. not sayin' you didn't get the deal of the century!

Mateo said...

wow. It's like your thrift stores are magic.

I'll buy those from you for....2 dollars. 100% profit. Who but a commie could say no to that?

Bob said...

Great find! I never really check the pants section of a thrift store, but you've inspired me.

Brian said...

That, my man, has to be the deal of the centruy.

Anonymous said...

THe M2 are a great pair of Twills. Bill's is great but they are baggy and really look sloppy if your not careful

Now the M2 is a perfect since it is trimmer and looks perfect. Eventhough I am portly I weare the M2.

You have an incrediable deal - I picked up a couple pairs off ebay for 29.00 and thought I had a great deal.

Unknown said...

Not to be a debbie downer, but does it ever worry you that the "good stuff" ends up so cheap in thrift stores? isn't it sort of a sign that a lot of these retailers are going out of business?

Sean said...

I love this blog! Much better than http://asuitablewardrobe.dynend.com/

But am jealous. Here in slobby Seattle, the pickins are slim at the Goodwills.

Anonymous said...

Miguel, most people donate because the clothing no longer fits. I know people who don't try before they buy and wind up giving a lot of it away, even new stuff with the tags still on.

Skippy said...

Holy shit. That is awesome. I found a filson mackinaw wool hunting vest yesterday for $5. I was excited - I still am - but I have just been trumped.

Anonymous said...

"I'll never pay the better part of a hundred bucks for khakis"

Good luck keeping this promise. Once you wear these Bills, you'll never buy lesser chinos again. Your dollar "steal" will lead to a lifetime of hundred dollar chinos. If they're 34's and never worn, I can still save you from this.

Young Fogey said...


Giuseppe lives in the Boston area, and Boston has some extremely well-to-do people in and around it. The wealthy don't look at money the same way we do. For some people, spending $100 on a pair of pants is as insignificant as spending $3.50 for a coffee drink. Besides, by donating those brand-new Bill's, the donor was able to take a tax deduction equal to their cost. Make enough donations like that, and you lower your taxes significantly.

Although Bill's may be hyped, there seems to be a reason for it: they appear to be high quality, and they're made in the USA. Though not a fan of chinos, I just might get a pair of their American-made jeans when the time comes.


All thrifting is highly neighborhood-specific. In my area, there are some great thrift stores with high quality merchandise available for a song, and some with a bunch of junk that's priced what it's worth. You have to find thrift stores near good neighborhoods in order to get the nice clothes that well-dressed people cast off.

kckclassic said...

wow, I apparantly overpaid on the ones I thrifted, by about 2 dollars. But then again, there was a $10 dollar bill in the pocket of the ones I found!
Personally, I found the M2s still too baggy for me, so I busted out the sewing machine and slimmed them down, along with adding a cuff. Beefy trousers no doubt, but still not my ideal chinos...

Sean said...

Young Fogey, good points about thrift shopping.

The bad news for me is I am a funny size. Hard enough to buy new clothes that fit, but there are still finds out there.

Anonymous said...

Have admired your blog for quite some time.
You've certainly got IT.
However I wish to inform you of someone we
all know who hasn't got it and never will.
Mr Guiseppe, ol' Mr Richard of WASP101....

I'm sure you've heard about how he responds
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so to speak.

Well now it's pathetic more than ever.
His entry for Tuesday Nov 10 now has a
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Giuseppe said...

I try to stay out of all of that childish crap, but I guess when you put yourself out in public by way of the internet, you're bound to end up somewhere you don't want to be eventually.

And yes, I may have put on few pounds in the last few years, but I hardly think that I'm "gaining weight with each post". Really, that's a bit much, no?

Anonymous said...

Yes its best to just stay out of the crap as you say.
Did you happen to notice the nerve ,with
comment moderation and aproval mode on,
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he didn't read carefully enough before posting
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(even more so since he typed it)

Without even trying Giuseppe you helped to
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Just an acute observation.

Aside from that I truly hope you have
demonstrated and inspired other men out
there as to how one can build a classic
american wardrobe no matter what the budget.

Giuseppe said...

It's what any good WASP would do.

Young Fogey said...


Giuseppe will never, ever pay a hundred bucks for chinos. Silly-looking patch madras pants, on the other hand....

ADG said...

I never find deals like that!

Patrick said...

Nice find. The M2 is my favorite chino (I think).

In reference to the thrifting — my main haunt, in Sharon, Conn., is where retired city men take their stuff after announcing "Maude, I'm never wearing a necktie again!"

Luckily for me, many of these guys are more or less my size.

NCJack said...

Man, I NEVER find the real good stuff at the cheap thrifts. But we have a Jr. League thrift where I can get $15 Paul Stuart slacks, and $25 Southwick blazers. Never much thought about thrifts except for grub stuff, until I hit this site. You're an inspiration to us all.