20 November 2009

Travel Kit

The New York over night travel kit:

  1. -Harris Tweed jacket
  2. -Army issue khakis
  3. -2 university striped shirts, 1 blue. 1 lavender
  4. -2 repp ties
  5. -2 pair argyle socks
  6. -Coach belt
  7. -dirty white bucks (because white bucks and tweed will be all over NYC next Fall...wait and see)
  8. -Black Watch cap

and for warmth, should the evenings turn chilly

  1. -Navy merino wool Brooks Brothers cardigan
  2. -charcoal grey Brooks Brothers scarf

+attendant toiletries, underwear, photographic eqipment and reading material for the ride.

Total cost of the entire kit, sans camera, aprroximately $50


Ephraim Gadsby said...

Nice selection. The pop-up flea looks very interesting and I look forward to reading all about it.
Have a good trip old boy.


Anonymous said...

Hmm. Like it - would LUV it if you swapped the khakis for dark jeans and the shirts for something italian.

David V said...

Isn't Giusseppe already Italian.

suwatch said...

50 bucks for all that. unbelievable. you are so worthy of being the affordable wardrobe guy.

Percy Chatsworth said...

Such a wonderful travel kit. You inspire me more and more each day, G.

NCJack said...

Throw in some silk long johns, and you're set for almost any weather.

Percy Chatsworth said...

Oh so suitable (!) and overflowing with real style. I hope you had a fantastic worn and loved hard-cased leather suitcase to carry it all in.

Alan said...

Nice stuff but I think that I'll be stocking up on your opposite number's silk scarves at $335 a pop for Christmas gifts.

Rasputin said...

Like that blue repp stripe with the herringbone tweed- very sharp and a color combo I hadn't thought of- now I ned to appropriate it for myself...

Anonymous said...

Fantastic! where's that great tweed jacket from?


Andrew M. said...

Just curious, what sort of reading material do you prefer when traveling?

Giuseppe said...


For this trip it was "Mont Saint Michel & Chartres", by Henry Adams. Nothing like a 100 year old tome on the intricacies of Gothic cathedral architecture to pass the time.


It's an oldie...Hardwick Clothes for Ben's of Amesbury , Massachusetts. I love those old store brand labels.