02 March 2010

Running Hot & Cold

Shopping for the season is for suckers. You gotta learn to run hot and cold.

I love me some vintage flannel lined khakis from L.L.Bean. What could be better? How about a pair lined in Viyella? Seriously, Boston seems to be in an early state of Spring thaw, but these trews have got me hoping for at least one more frigid morning.
$4.99. The Viyella lining alone is likely worth many times as much as fabric alone.

Then, one day it will be hot and sunny...sooner rather than later if our protracted Winter is any indication. What better setting for "Picnic Plaid", red and white gingham, especially on a necktie: 100% cotton, by Steve Scheiner. Cursory internet research would suggest that this label produced mainly cotton beach themed ties in the early 1990s. Not the coolest provenance in the world, but for $1.99, I'll take it.
Besides, that little button detail at the end of the square tip may be at best quaint, or at worst silly, but I think it's pretty damn cool. Makes the tie, if you ask me.


Mr Brown said...


spoozyliciouzz said...

Holla Guiseppe,

this tie is great, and i can even imagine what this button is for...could it be to pin that tie to your shirt, using one of the last button holes?

Liberty and In Dependence said...

Your site is fantastic! I reside in Delaware and began hitting the Goodwills courtesy of your inspiration. My wardrobe is now loaded to the gills. Bravo!

Thad said...

Cool tie!

Those pants remind me of some Gap flannel lined ones that I got on clearance a couple of years ago for about a $1.00 in the middle of the summer. Nobody wants lined khaki's in the middle of the summer in SC!

Young Fogey said...

More great buys. I would have passed on the tie--too red for me personally--unless I thought I would get Ellie Laveer Stager to turn it in to a bow tie for me. I still like it, though; it's a great spring & summer tie. I see it with a white button down, maybe even (gasp!) with the top button undone and the tie not cinched all the way up. I see it with a navy blazer. I see it worn with a pair of shorts.

You, my friend, could make this tie work in ways I probably couldn't, but you have opened my eyes to to possibilities that I was previously blind to. For that, I thank you.

Dennis Cahlo said...

The button on that tie MAKES IT.

Oh, I got those vintage florsheims. Had to rubberize the bottoms to avoid falling on my ass but they are insane:


Cheers, G. Hope all is well in Beantown.