29 March 2010

Top Shelf Flea: Final Cut

The Top Shelf Flea is officially booked, paid for, and all available spots are now full. That being said, it is my privilege to announce the list of vendors for the first time here:

Amy runs a cool little shop in my neighborhood, selling vintage clothing for men and women, as well as other attendant paraphernalia.

Rachael sells vintage women's clothing, from the fifties through the eighties, as well as fashions by local designers.

Eddie and his wife Lucy sell quality vintage furniture and home goods, many of them creatively refurbished, as well as offering re-upholstery services for your favorite beat-up chair.

Michelle sells a variety of vintage goods online, and the Top Shelf Flea is honored to be her first live appearance.

James sells old and unusual books you didn't even know you wanted to read.

Christine will be making the trip from Providence to ply her own take on second hand, as seen in her Etsy shop.

Doc & Gam's

You thought you had a cool record collection, but not really. Not until you visit Doc & Gam's table, that is. All vinyl, all the time.


Nimco (the 'c' is actually silent) has vintage enameled cast iron kitchen ware to suit every need. She'll be sharing a table with Rob, and his mid-century relics.

Zachary De Luca

The contributing editor of the blog "Ivy Style" has so much vintage menswear his roommates are quite irate. Come buy some of it.

An Affordable Wardrobe

What can I say? I've got clothes like I wear, if you need 'em.

and featuring

Bobby from Boston

Bobby is famous, truly the master of his game. He'll be holding court at the main booth, on the stage. Seriously, the stuff this guy has will make you cry.

And there you have it. Not a bad line up, is it. I would like to thank all the vendors who have decided to participate, as well as those who showed interest but didn't make our space restrictions. Because of all of you, this event promises to be a blast.

Don't forget, cash bar open all day! (...lousy drunks)

The Top Shelf Flea

Sunday, 2 May 2010
Noon till 6 p.m.
George Dilboy V.F.W. post 529
371 Summer Street
Somerville, MA, 02144


spoozyliciouzz said...

Damn, won´t make it on time, i guess...you guys have a lovely thrift!!

Turling said...

Giving away your haunts? Or did you keep the really good places at bay as to not give them away?

Young Fogey said...

Best of luck to you all! I wish I could be there for it.

Dallas Foster said...

absolutely kills me that I can't go to this

Rebecca said...

Sounds like a great variety and interesting lineup. The road from Indiana is long. Sure wish you were down the street. Best wishes for success and enthusiasm for the SECOND T.S. Flea!

ACQUIRE said...

Nice! Will throw this on the calendar.

Thad said...

Wish that I could have come to sell a few things ... especially '70s & '80s vintage cookbooks. Instead, I guess that I will have to keep selling them online.