30 August 2010

Sucker Punch (again)

Once again, I fall victim to the sucker punch that is the ol' Skull and Bones, this time in the guise of a pair of TOMS shoes for Rugby RL...a double whammy.

Admittedly, I'm as surprised as anyone how much I like these neo-Preppy pseudo-karate slippers...but I do. For me they're just the thing for padding around the house, like socks, only better, because they're kind of shoes, only they're not. To be quite honest, I usually putter around the house is the dreaded flip flops, so right away these are a vast improvement.
Dig 'em here with a pair of Reds. I know some of you will lynch me for this, but I'd even wear these sockless with black tie and a cream dinner jacket, at a beachside cocktail shindig. Don't worry, though, that ain't likely to happen any time soon.

For as much of a clotheshorse as I am, I've never been much of a loungewear guy. I often rail against guys who use their children as an excuse to be a slob, but when I'm at home, doing dishes and laundry and picking up toys, it's white t-shirts and grey running shorts, and now these. In winter, the shorts will be replaced by tartan flannel lounge pants. I can't be bothered with suits of pyjamas and all that jazz.

I'd love to own a cool pair of velvet slippers from Del Toro or Stubbs and Wootton, but the line needs to be drawn somewhere. Some things, cool as they may be, are really just far too precious, I think. These cloth sock/shoe things are comfortable as hell, and not half as prissy (forgive me).

TOMS makes these shoes proudly in China, and donates a pair for every one sold to a needy kid. What's wrong with that? True, I may have picked these up for $4.99 at the thrift, but I'm considering paying full freight for a secone pair in tartan plaid.

p.s. If you're consdiering these, they run small. I'm a size 10, but these are size 11, and they fit just right.


spoozyliciouzz said...

They´re great, i like them. And everything you say about Housy loungeware: true.

Been thinking about ordering at Del Toro lately. If only the shipment to good ol´ Germany is far beyond reason...

DAM said...

I couldn't bring myself to buy Toms, but seeing them on you in this material and the idea of an less expensive, but still doing good way, with a tux woudl be awesome. Probably wouldn't work in winter, but for summer/early fall events...

Young Fogey said...

G-man, you're dangerously close to jumping the shark with your skull-and-crossbones fixation....

Still, you know what you like better than anyone else, and I'm glad you're happy with them.

Having said that, I can't stand advertising on clothes, and Toms has a label shouting the manufacturer's name to the world on it. Less egregious than most Abercrombie & Fitch gear, and less offensive than "PINK" plastered on a girl's rear, it is different only in scale, not in kind. So Toms may be doing a wonderful service, but I simply will not pay a company for the privilege of advertising its wares.

None of which should be construed as an attack on Giuseppe. He & I have different tastes, but with areas of overlap. (If I find more outrageous plaid goodness, it's going to you, my man!)

Loungewear. PJs, robe, and slippers do it for me, and they never go outside. Some day, I might be able to afford some nice velvet slippers, but for now, shearling slippers are fine.

Anonymous said...

Lynch? Hell, no; a man's entitled to a proper trial before he's properly hanged, even in your country, I'd heard.


Giuseppe said...


I cut the tags off, of course.


So long as the jury isn't comprised solely of my readers.

Anonymous said...

Yikes! Yeah....no man should go outdoors in a pair of Toms, it just ain't right.

Anonymous said...

Yuck. Just yuck. A parody - not dissimilar to what this blog has become.

Giuseppe said...

Anon. #1,

That's why these are my house slippers.

Anon. #2,

Parody? Please explain.

tintin said...

I like to use my site meter to ID the latitude and longitude of nasty anons, secure their home address and bill subscriptions of GQ and Esquire to them.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

I actually like these slip-ons. You can't get enough of skull-and-crossbone motifs, IMO. Especially if you understand their true provenance and your intention is to cock a snook at the stuffy Trad and politically incorrect brigade. I would like to wear these with a pair of board shorts and holding a large cocktail whilst walking to the pool.

Unknown said...

Be careful you don't get addicted to wearing these, i bought a pair and couldn't stop wearing them for close to 7 months. Now they have been rendered unwearable by holes on the back of the heels, the toes, and unflattering fading and staining.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you G, house slippers = Good!
I was just speaking in general, where I live "hipsters" with flat ironed hair, skinny jeans & tight V-neck shirts live in Toms, It's a really bad look that never sat well with me.
You are obviously NOT "that guy" , didn't mean to come off rude.

anon. #1