23 December 2010

Versatility and Value: The Duffel Coat

I have a lot of coats, as with all items of clothing, well more than necessity or decency should allow. The current favorite is this classic tan duffel coat:
A true classic, warm as anything, windproof and cozy.

"Made in England for Brooks Brothers", likely a Gloverall. Dig the chain loop.

Lined in striped blanket...a major bonus.

When it gets really cold and really windy, few things protect as well as a coat like this. Down filled nylon high tech ski clothes do the job too, I guess, but I'm not a fan of clothing that can be legitimately described as "technical".  Sure, this big piece of wool smells a bit like an old dog when it's wet, but it keeps me dry, and I could loose an elephant in the pockets, they're that big.

A duffel coat is also one of the most versatile cold weather options out there. On casual days, in a sweater and jeans, it solves the problem of being a long coat for casual wear, where a three button overcoat would be too dressy. Alternately, it works just as well over a jacket and tie when outdoor commuting in the city is in order.

I bought this one for $12.99 in a thrift store on the hottest day of last August, but Gloverall still makes them exactly the same for  265 GBP (approx. $410), a worthy investment I must say, given that mine is likely thirty years old and still going strong. Added points for the fact that Gloverall will sell you a full set of replacement toggles and leather strips for 7 GBP (approx. $11).

Best of all,
My favorite scarf seems to have found its soul mate.


Kathleen said...

Have a great Christmas G.
Thanks very much for the joy I have discovered in your blog very recently. Who knew I'd enjoy reading about men's clothes? (I read your enthusiasms & miss my Dad, who would have been old enough to be your Dad.) Aside from loving your love of what-to-wear & all the info you share, your voice is warm & entertaining. And you have re-invigorated my strong Thrifting gene. All the best from Nova Scotia!

Anonymous said...

Immortalized as the wear of choice on the salt spray soaked bridges of Royal Navy destroyers and corvettes in world war II.

David M. said...

I have one that is quite similar. Same BB label and chain. Mine is navy with a green tartan lining. A very grown-up coat (as opposed to a Patroits jacket).

Anonymous said...

Honestly, who gives something like this away? They didn't have any other male family members or friends in that size?

Oh well, their loss is your classic closet addition.

Mike said...

G. What a great coat. And what a bargin. I guess, you're the best thrift shopper on this planet. Too bad, in Germany you won't find shops like the ones you buy your stuff (Or I haven't found them...). Thank you for your great work! All the best to you and your family! Merry Christmas.


Pigtown*Design said...

I had an old RL duffel coat in a dark plaid from the thrift shop. it was like IRON! weighed a ton. had to give it up when i moved abroad, as there was a limit on what I could take.

Anonymous said...

I recently found a Gloverall and love it too. My only issue is that the wool lining makes it hard to take on and off over a suit. I'm thinking of asking my tailor to add a Bemberg 1/2 lining on the shoulders and upper arms of the Gloverall. Worth it?

tintin said...

Mike- You near Hamburg? Check


Giu- Lucky bastard but replace the leather & horn with rope and toggle. Then ask $250 for it.

John N said...

I am 66 years old. When I was 16 I received a Loden King Duffle Coat aka a Lodencoat for christmas, I have worn it every time it snows for 50 years. including the day after Christmas this week. I can't kill it. on the other hand i guess it does not snow all that much here in eastern Virginia.