06 January 2011

Sis Boom Bah! (The Polo Look, sans Polo)

I'm as impressionable as anyone, I guess. Recently, I visited the Ralph Lauren store in Boston, just to look around, you know? I can't afford anything in the place, but it sure is a treat for the eyes. Say what you will about Ralph, his stores are like going to some magical menswear theme park. The furniture, the lighting, the carpets, and that red tartan jacket with the black velvet collar they had displayed with formal wear (you should have seen it!), it's all perfect. You gotta give 'em that. In any case, the next day, I left the house in this get up:
I'm usually not big on wearing a knee length overcoat without a jacket underneath, but every now and again I can pull it off. Besides if I didn't try, I'd hardly ever get to wear my vintage cashmere number, and that would be a shame.
A vintage bow tie ($1.99), a vintage football sweater emblazoned with a number hard earned by another man long ago, and a cashmere scarf in Black Watch tartan ( generous gift of Mrs. G.) play pretty well together.
Finished neatly with a pair of J.Press charcoal flannel pants ($5.49), yellow socks and a battered old pair of Florsheim penny loafers ($19.99).

I could romanticize the past, and imagine a time when a man might actually have worn such a get up to a football game, but I don't care  for football . I could spark up the tired old discussion about old Ralph, and the "look" he created, or stole as some would say, but I won't. For one thing, aside from the socks and the shirt, none of this outfit is Polo, it's all actual old stuff. For another, I happen to like that "look", on occasion. Being a little too old for the demographic this look is currently aimed at, I find it best to tone it down a bit. On a skinny 22 year old, you might see this with jeans, and the shirt inexplicably un-tucked on one side, likely without socks despite the bitter cold. On a 34 year old father of two, dress pants, a tucked shirt, a clean shave and of course a pair of socks go a long way toward making the look a little more "grown up". Or maybe I'm just out of my head and this is just a silly imitation Polo imitation football get up. That's more likely, but I liked it anyway.

Next time, I'll carry a vintage megaphone with me, and we'll all have a tailgate party out of the trunk of my Honda Civic.

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deborah said...

Ah, wonderful sense of style, very impressive for a man.

You look great and did a wonderful job at putting it all together.
Maybe you could become a personal shopper, love how you can express yourself with clothing. Most people don't get it.

I would be willing to be your first customer.

NCJack said...

A good look, warm, comfortable,simple...okay, the football numbered sweater is a little weird & "Ralphie", but a thumbs up in general.

Anonymous said...

well done. totally nailed the Polo look.

Anonymous said...

Well done, and given what most grown men wear in public these days, I'd say there's little risk of anyone accusing you of dressing too young in that outfit.

Tiger said...

If you think people don't wear that to football games, you clearly need to stop by a Princeton tailgate. You won't see many varsity sweaters among undergraduates (as they aren't worn until after you graduate) but you will certainly see black and orange sweaters and bow ties abound!

those tricks said...

Ah, that Tartan RL is quite swish.
Love your bow tie!!

David V said...

Looks great. Ones need aplomb to carry this off and you've got it in spades.

Anonymous said...

The top part of your outfit is great, but the trouser rather looks 99ct.

Yankee-Whisky-Papa said...

Athletic wear such as that was, is, and will remain charming, beautiful, and distinctly American. I assume that any dodgy glances or giggles about it will likely originate from those who happily wear (drape) circus tent-sized jerseys of contemporary (and multi-millionaire) athletes around their torsos. The modern jersey, often worn to watch a game live or on TV, is what truly deserves the mocking. Your sweater deserves a salute and the raising of a glass.

michael said...

Alligator, alligator ha cha cha cha. Eat me, Eat me; raw raw raw!

Mike said...

Well done, G.

Too bad that we don't have those great thrift shops like in US or UK at all. If I'd try to dress myself for that small ammount of money, I'd only wear rags...

It's awsome what great brands you are able to find!

Aggie K said...

Bossy cow cow,
Honey Bee Bee,
Oleo Margerine,
Oleo Butterine,

I think your outfit looks great, especially considering what you paid. While I'm not a big fan of the numbers, I am a big fan of thrift store shopping.

BEESTLYproducts said...

i wish i had the appropriate credentials to applaud your ensemble.
maybe, i could make some sort or sartorial reference and really wow the crowd.

i like ralph lauren, and your outfit.