09 May 2011

Choose Your Flowers

This was supposed to be a "Happy Mother's Day" post, but I fell asleep a little early last night. Anyway...
A fellow should know how to give flowers to a lady. There are obvious times to do this, such as Mother's Day and Valentine's Day. But really, anytime that the thought crosses your mind that a gift flowers might be a good idea, then I say it is. The best ones are given fro no apparent reason, just because.

Once you've figured that part out, the next step is to go to a florist and hand select the flowers for your arrangement. Sure, pre-made bouquets from the supermarket might work in a pinch, and there are those times when only roses will do, but nothing beats a hand picked bouquet. Don't worry about this being a complicated endeavour, because it isn't.  In this case, they had some beautiful sunflowers, a favorite of Mrs. G's.  I chose two nice looking ones, with large blooms, then handed them to the young lady at the shop and said something like "I'll have these, with some of these white ones and a few of those little purple ones, and go easy on the greens." And this is what we get. Mrs. G liked them, and they look good in a vase in the living room, too.

I may discuss clothing specifically here, but frequently its a general sensibility we're really discussing. The same rules apply to putting flowers together as mixing pattern and texture in clothing. Sunflowers are rustic and earthy, so they play well with the delicate texture of the white flowers. The purple ones provide a contrast of opposites against the yellow of the sunflowers, and the greens tie it all down.There's even that magical mixture of scales, with the largeness of the sunflowers, the medium size of the white, and the petite purple. Imagine instead a brown tweed jacket flecked with gold, with a smooth white shirt and a silk tie with a tiny lavender pattern. Catch my drift?

Chances are if you're buying flowers at all, they are likely to be a gift for someone of importance in your life. Take the time to put in some extra effort and add a personal touch. It never hurts.


Anonymous said...

A very wise and perceptive post... My taste in fashion may not run to tweed, let alone embroidered corduroy slacks :-) but as a dedicated thrift store shopper I've been following your blog with great interest. You're doing great, keep it up!

ms. mindless said...

Great post. Lovely flowers. I went to the store today and bought some sunflowers, white daisies and purple something or other. They look lovely in the dining room and I was pleased with my eye. Then I came to your blog and realized that I must have seen this image in my google reader earlier in the week and my idea was not so original! Thanks for the inspiration.

T said...

Did your mother kill you for posting late? Where the hell are you?

Giuseppe said...


Google Blogger was down for three days this week. Posting resumes today.