19 May 2011

Teaser, part 3 (the only way to fly)

Not clothes, not available at my booth, but...
This is a vintage 1980s Olmo bicycle, made in Italy. All flashed up and ready-to-ride shape, courtesy of Top Shelf newcomers JA Outfitters. Not cheap, but a steal for it's quality.

Jason, of  Winderness Workshop in Boston, and author of the blog Eggs & Wool,  and Alexi, bike mechanic extroidinaire and self styled "horrible old man" have come together to form JA outfitters, offering bike stuff, wilderness stuff, vintage camping, fishing, and hiking stuff, and other assorted well curated authentic vintage heritage Americana. Now, before you say it, I know I like to poke fun at all that stuff, but these two have it on a level that only goes to prove my distaste for what ADG calls the "vintage heritage legacy work clothes con artists"...by which I mean, they are for real, not gourmet axe wielding Manhattan lumberjacks. And they have this bike to sell.

You see, I didn't learn to drive until I was 29 years old. I resisted it like the plague, and it wasn't until the birth of a child was fast upon me that I broke down. Prior to that, I was a bike dork, full blast. Fixed gear, English three speed, rolled jeans, wool jersey, courier bag wearing, avant garde rock band playing bike dork. Cocky, and 35 pounds lighter, to boot. In those days, I lusted after an Italian bicyle such as this.

Beat me to it, 'cause if I spend half the days haul on this thing, Mrs, G. will have my head, not on a plate, but likely in a trash bag.


ADG said...

I think it's easier to legitimately offer an artisnal/heritage bike than a flannel shirt. Don't you?

T said...

Couldn't you trade out for it, or would that clean out your Flea stock?

HOM said...

Thanks for the nod. Jason and myself may be city boys but we both grew up on farms. Don't know if that makes us authentic, but it does make us bewildered sometimes by the Carhartt/Filson trend. But hey I like it that I can dress like my dad and it's considered "style."
Oh and we also will have a Bianchi for sale that might be a bit easier to explain to the wife.

Anonymous said...

Olmo is no longer for sale

Anonymous said...

Not to nit-pick, but it needs down tube shifters.