16 May 2011

Teaser, part 1

With the third semi-annual Top Shelf Flea Market less than a week away, the time has come for some shameless commercialism.

An Affordable Wardrobe is proud, once again, to be an outside vendor for The Cordial Churchman. Ellie makes a high quality bow tie for short change, her husband helps out, and together they raise a beautiful family besides. What's not to love? See the whole story in their new video:

The Cordial Churchman Story from Jay Grant on Vimeo.

True, I'm the number one shill for these people. But what's wrong with supporting good old American cottage industry? A selection of Ellie's work will be available at the Affordable Wardrobe booth on Sunday. Check it.


mistermidwester said...

Ellie obviously has an eye for great fabrics and great styles. The four-tone seersucker and chambray bowties are drool-worthy in particular. I remember a patchwork tweed scarf that they sold back in the day that was pretty incredible as well.

And hey, it's a small world. The background photo for the super on the names is one I took.

Someday, I will make it out to one of the Top Shelf Flea Markets, dang it.

Rebecca said...

You're a good man (being the #1 shill for Ellie). I gotta wonder why her husband isn't wearing a bow tie as he narrates their story.

Wishing you great success at the 3rd semi-annual T.S.F.M.

Jacquelyn Stager said...

love this video! 4 of my favorite people! They truly do enjoy this business and it has been a blessing to them. We love to tell "the story" and still smile about it's beginnings. The sweat shop is looking great, by the way! Thanks for sharing this with your readers!

Anonymous said...

I am awaiting delivery of my first orde from her....can't wait to receive my new bowtie and madras pocket square.