14 October 2011


That is the preferred method of abbreviating a collaborative effort these days, isn't it?  Anyway, I am honored to be one of the select advance recipients of this Put This On by Cordial Churchman bow tie.
Plays quite well with a Brooks Brothers pink oxford ($5.49) and a jacket in soft brown tweed by the Andover Shop ( $11.99. Pricey by my usual standards, but still a bargain). Thank you both Jesse and Ellie. I will wear it proudly.

Speaking of the Cordial Churchman, I'm pleased to announce that I will once again be carrying a line of Ellie's fine bow ties, as well as a few scarves and ascots, at the upcoming Top Shelf Flea Market.

p.s. Kid Brother will be back with his shoe shine kit. Wear the most scuffed up pair you have.


gentleman mac said...

I love Cordial Churchman! Great products all around.

JimW said...

I'm very fond of that combination. What sort of 'lower' would go best with that 'upper'?