10 October 2011

Top Shelf Vendor : Newton Street Vintage

Zach of Newton Street Vintage is another stalwart of the Top Shelf Flea Market. In some sense it may be bad for business on my end to have him around. He gives me a real run for my money in the classic menswear department. But he's friendly and enthusiastic, and his stuff is good.
An eye for the perfect combination of tradition and luxury is a strong point of his...

...as evidenced in these two stacks of shirts: On the left, big plaids for the lumberjack in you, some in thick flannel, some in soft Viyella. On the right, a fine stock of traditional dress shirts.
Throw down a gauntlet, and someone is bound to pick it up. Recently, Zach took my pair of Tartan sets to be such a gauntlet, and he counters with these (among others):
A 3/2 sack in Black Watch camel hair from Brooks Brothers...
...and this killing number, unstructured and slouchy, and rendered in old Viyella. If that thing is a size 42, I'm nabbing it myself.

For more info on Zach and Newton Street Vintage, as well as a small sampling of his collection of stunning tweeds, read Zach's recent post over at the Top Shelf Flea blog.

Come early and stay late. If you love classic clothing, but your budget is meager, and you live in a modern world so lacking in stylish options for the average man, this Fall's TSFM will be like making up for lost time.

See you there.


Jho78 said...

You just keep twisting the knife for those of us who can't be there, don't you? I'm sure it will be a huge success.

tintin said...

This guy's prices are in the range of the NYC vintage shop. You know, the ones that have to pay rent. I feel like I'm paying for that oil painting of his.

You're a good 30 -40% cheaper, Seppe and no where near the smart ass.