07 March 2012

Tweed Chicken

The Girl celebrated her third birthday this weekend. A house filled with friends, family and running children kept a broad smile on her face. Thank you one and all who were there. She received many thoughtful gifts, thankfully none of the noisy/flashing variety....
Daddy's personal favorite is this small soft toy chicken made of houdstooth check tweed with gold yarn legs. It's as though a fairy went in my closet and turned my clothes into toys.

p.s. the Shop is bursting with new goods, a lot of high quality stuff I've been sitting on for a while, including Barbour, Burberry, Polo, Harris Tweed, Viyella, USA made L.L. Bean and more.

1 comment:

Jho78 said...

Happy birthday to your little one. I hear you about noisy toys.