19 July 2012

The Other Navy Blue Jacket

No doubt about it, dressing well, and fully, in the high heat of Summer poses the biggest challenges to the most well dressed men out there. It's true that the colors and patterns of Summer dress are nothing but fun for the confident dresser, but keeping it in check is the real challenge. This year, I find myself drawn more and more to simple pallette of navy, white and tan for dress clothes. Even when rendered in rumpled fabircs, and even when wilted with sweat, such combinations posess a clean elegance. As much as I love my gossamer jacket and my double breasted, I can only wear them so much. Enter the other essential navy jacket:
Navy and white all around, with yellow socks, clean and simple. This jacket is a comfortably constructed linen blazer by Polo, made in Italy, found at a thrift shop for $7.99. Seen here with Polo white drill trousers with top pockets ($3.99), a J. Mac Laughlin shirt found new in package ($4.99) and a Bert Pulitzer striped tie ($1.99).
The linen fabric here really is top notch. Affectation comes in the form of an undone button down collar.

Brown horn buttons, as opposed to the brass of my other coats, make this one a quiet stand-out.

Worn fairly frequently, it's wrinkling wonderfully.It's fully lined, which is a bummer. But I plan to give it the strip down alterations treatment ala HTJ soon.

A jacket like this is really thrift shop gold. Summer fabrics, being thin and delicate, simply don't hold up forever like big old tweed and the like. I found this one in new, likely unworn condition.I know I was lucky, but I would say that linen is best bought new anyway. Like good denim, it will take your shape in its own way, the wrinkles being unique to the wearer the same way whiskering is on jeans. Clean it as little as possible.

Can't wait to see this thing five Summers from now.


WSTKS-FM Worldwide said...

One of your sharpest ensembles yet! The yellow socks are a great touch too.

Best Regards,

Ulrich von B.

Jack of all Trades said...


With respect to your "undone button down collar", I fear that I must strenuously object.

I am sure you, a cultural icon and stylistic mentor, can agree that it is irresponsibly dangerous to encourage this type of lewd behavior in your readership.


C. Dan

Young Fogey said...

Lookin' great, G.

I, too, have acquired a navy linen jacket, with patch pockets and black buttons, rather than brown or metal. Thin and minimally lined (arms, shoulders, and self-lining for the interior pockets), it is comfortable and good looking. Purchased new but deeply discounted (about $35). It's a great addition to my summer wardrobe.

Unbuttoned collar buttons? Oh, the humanity! Shield women & children's eyes!

Sam said...


Just spent the past month reading every post you've ever written. Brilliant blog!

That's a sharp outfit you've got on, sir. And that jacket for eight dollars? Incredibly find. Keep up the great work.


Yankee-Whisky-Papa said...

You hit it perfectly. Sharp, simple, classic. Very well done.

Don Jon said...

I tried my hand at thrifting this afternoon, and finally decided to visit that thrift store a block away from our campus.

Suffice it to say that I chanced upon a quarter-lined navy blue blazer with working cuffs marked at PHP 140 (less than USD 3.50). I got it for PHP 125 (USD 3.00) and I plan to have the sleeves shortened a bit from the shoulders. Other than that, it reminds me of the gossamer one that you've got.

Thanks, and best wishes from Manila,

Don A.

Rose said...

You are one handsome fellow.