06 June 2013

The Jams

As of this morning, this is actually happening in my house.  I am beside myself with glee, praise the lord!
More to come....


Anonymous said...

Hmmmn...I hope you explain this caption! I ran into this blog a couple of weeks ago and Iove it! I do some bargain shopping at the thrift stores too and I am continuously amazed at the great buys to be had. The people at work and in my social circles think I am the best dressed man around. I'm not about to tell them the look they are complimenting me on costs less than $10 for the whole look!
-St. Louis Mo

Anonymous said...

More than any blog written by a female, Giuseppe's blog has inspired me to shop resale and thrift stores. In the past two weeks, I've acquired five sweaters, two tops and two Coach bags, thanks to his sartorial leadership.

Ian said...

This pianna reminds me of one of my greatest thrift regrets...I know these as a 'Cabaret Piano' - fewer octaves and short strung to be compact, there's probably heaps of names for them. I saw one of these for £100 when I was a poor student and passed up on it. Never seen one since. That was 12 years ago and I still think about it now and then.

How's about a post about the thrifts that got anyway?