03 June 2013

Two Shirts

This blog, like so many others these days, is still ostensibly about clothing. I would like to get back on the subject. We frequently see writing on the men's blogs centered around some manner of dress clothing, but a post about good honest casual clothing for a rainy spent working around the house and performing other mundane tasks can add a healthy bit of perspective. No one lives in a suit 24/7, after all.
Lately I've been toying around with the old preppy two collar look. Though admittedly something of an affectation, dare I say tres Muffy Aldrich, I find it comes into it's own late Spring/early Summer. I find it handy on warmish days of variable temperature, where the outer shirt can act as more of a light jacket over the tennis shirt. I generally stick to solid, light colored tennis shirts under soft old dress shirts. In this case, a well worn pink tennis shirt from Lands' End (bought new four Summers ago, see here) and an old Brooks Brothers oxford with an unlined collar (thrift shop, $5.49). Remember, this is about dressing comfortably, not like a slob. There is a difference.
I know this may cause a bit of wailing and gnashing of teeth among the hard-liners, but I think it works best with the top shirt untucked, jeans, and a ball cap. Like I said, this way the top shirt is more of a light jacket. Shorts or khakis work as well. (I hope nobody out there is zooming in on this picture and keeping a detailed journal of the books on my shelf, what time the clock reads, and the presumed provenance of my furniture ...snark,snark,snark. Sorry).
It can work dressed up a little too. Here, a white tennis shirt and university striped oxford are worn tucked into khakis with a navy blazer and surcingle belt for a parade on Memorial Day weekend. The flag was given to me by an old lady in the VFW women's auxiliary.
In either case, bare ankles and moccasins are de rigeur. Camp mocs with the jeans, penny loafers with the blazer. Of course boat shoes work as well.

I must admit to having some trepidation not long ago about my, or anyone's, ability to pull off the two shirt thing. It always seemed to smack of some mean spirited spoiled character from some bad movie from the 80s. But I've grown to enjoy it, and I've found that the trick to wearing it is, as with so many other sartorial "moves", confidence. It's kind of like jumping in cold water at the beach: once you just go in and dunk, it gets easier. It helps not to have to much concern what others think of you. 

Of course, to be fair, I do live in a liberal place full of arty college kids of every stripe, so most likely I'm just perceived as a Dad whose becoming more and more of a fuddy duddy the older he gets.

p.s. lots of great new Summer stuff in the Shop.


Anonymous said...

I didn't realize two shirts was preppy; I only know I like the look. Your home reminds me of my old Victorian. I like the eclectic look. I did enlarge the photo, but cannot read the clock of the book titles. Nice post.

Anonymous said...

I've always liked the oxford-over-polo look, and sport it often in the spring and fall. I confess I generally tuck things in, but your interpretation is just as effective. On a couple particularly cold occasions this winter I even went so far as to add a crewneck sweater over the two-shirt layers. I have no shame at all about dressing like the evil cool kid from the 1980 yearbook.

David V said...

Try it with the top shirt unbuttoned or just one or two buttoned midway...like a jacket...just to keep it from flying open.

Chens said...

"(I hope nobody out there is zooming in on this picture and keeping a detailed journal...)"

Interesting parenthetical remark in light of your previous post.

Joe said...

We call that humor, something which has been sadly lacking around the blogs lately.

Anonymous said...

Sorry G either you have packed on the pounds recently or that second picture and outfit is very, very unflattering.

Joe said...

No apologies needed. My weight doesn't bother me one bit

Young Fogey said...

I've taken to popping my tennis shirt collars too, but only in two conditions:

1. Worn under a jacket; or
2. Worn under a sweater or sweatshirt.

It keeps the collar from getting smashed, that's all. We're far enough away from the 80s that I no longer feel self-conscious doing so (said feeling being why I never did until now).

Anonymous said...

I thought the second photo was fine.

Roger v.d. Velde said...

Popped collars will always be horrible and affected, it only ever worked for Elvis...for a while.

Each to his own I suppose.

BrandonK said...

What brand name of moccs are you wearing?

asfgwsargbwsrtgbn said...

Long time lurker, first time poster. I originally discovered your blog from The Art of Mankiness. It's my favorite blog and I love your shop brought some brown leather loafers from you once.

Anyway, I'm not big on the shirt-under-shirt look, and I'm certainly not fond of popped collars. I only ever pop the collar of my pea coat--and then, only in the wind.

Layered shirts only look good to me when it's a sweater or vest over a collared shirt, or an undershirt under...a shirt. Also, I loathe polos.

But, my tastes are very traditional. kudos to you for experimenting!

And don't mind the haters. Your weight is appropriate.

Young Fogey said...

Point of order: criticism is not the same as hate.

Some commenters consider G to be overweight; others consider his outfit to be lacking in some way or another. This does not mean they hate him.

That is all—for now.

David V said...

I like an occasional popped collar. I've worn them, on and off, since the 70's. If it is not your thing, don't do it. If you do, think of it as casual spezzatura.