16 July 2013

Shop Updates

Allow me to apologize for my recent absence. It takes a lot more than one might think to ready a single room of only a few hundred square feet for active service as a"secret" store. As such, every spare minute (of which I have few these days) has been spent there. But work is progressing nicely.
We've got a coat of new paint on the walls, a nice tan known officially as "tea and honey", should provide a good back drop for tweed, tartan, and the like.
These curtains are actually just a few yards of cotton gingham from Ikea, with the edges finished with stitchwitch and a warm iron. Real curtains are awfully damn expensive, don't you know.
Good fortune smiled on me in the form of this freestanding mirror, found for $4.99 at a local thrift. This is an especially good find, since thrift shops almost never sell these, preferring instead to keep them for in-store use.
This early 1960s credenza/hutch was a bit pricey for my usual range, but I think it was worth every penny of the $100 it cost me. Think of the piece of junk you'd get for that price in new furniture. Should make a good display for knitwear and other folded items, as well as provide a hiding place for paperwork and liquor (shh).
This tatty old rug was purchased new by my grandmother in the 60s, then moved upsatirs to our living room when I was a kid, where it proceeded to spend the next twenty years. The last ten or so it spent in the attic, gathering dust.
Mrs. G hates it, but she doesn't have the same affinity for the threadbare WASP aesthetic that I do. Besides, this is a men's place, best to have at least one thing the wife hates around.

I'll be back on track with the usual drivel soon. Also, look for more new Summer goods in the online Shop in the days to come.

Once again, I offer my sincerest gratitude to all my readers and customers, as well as all who helped in the fund raiser. The fact that this is taking shape for real is more than I could have imagined not too long ago, and I look forward to greeting you all there in person soon. A "soft opening" should be happening very soon. Stay tuned.


WSTKS-FM Worldwide said...

It looks like the new "physical" shop is coming together nicely. And I envy you your mirror and hutch. Can't wait to see some photos here when everything is finished and just so.

Best Regards,

Heinz-Ulrich von B.

james at 10engines said...

G - give a shout, love to help set up any evening. J

Joe said...

Thanks, James. I am going to need extra hands to move the clothing in soon.

Derek Walvoord said...

Looking good! It will be fun to make the transition.

Brent Kryda said...

Congratulations! The next time I do a fashion related post I will send a shout-out to this nice little corner of Americana.

Scott Alexander said...

Congrats on all the progress so far! Wish I could be there to help out. I love that mirror. I picked up one almost identical to yours at the thrift for $15 a few months ago, which I keep in my "home shoppe."

Anonymous said...

It all looks great! I am delighted but oh-so envious. Maybe I will do the same for women's clothing here in the Midwest.

Pigtown*Design said...

So pleased for you!

Anonymous said...

I work in vintage furniture store that specializes in the mid-century era here in San Francisco. That mirror would fetch about $500 and the credenza about $1400 here on the Barbary Coast... great finds my friend!

Northmoon said...

Love that mirror, you're very lucky to get it, and the price was a steal. That and the carpet are just the thing to add some traditional men's dressing room flair.