14 August 2013

Sponsored Post: Camping Gear from Millets

The Gentleman's Guide to Camping

It’s one thing to pull off suave and stylish in the bustling urban setting; it’s another thing completely to brave the mud, marshes and pitching gear, and still come out a fashionable man. It doesn’t help that, while cheap tents for camping are in abundance, staying thrifty in terms of the outfits you’ll be sporting is seriously taxing.

Just look at North Face. Their profit margins are fantastically high because of the fact that offer ‘speciality’ gear. It’s pricey stuff, and as soon as your budgeting belt tightens up, the options are slim and, frankly, often hideous.

But have no fear.

Let’s start with dispelling some myths; you don’t need to go after the specialised gear to enjoy a comfortable camping experience. Start from the bottom up.

Wellington boots - or galoshes, or whatever you like to call them - have had a recent surge in popularity, thanks to the Hunters phenomenon, which has given fashionistas free reign to incorporate the old wellies into some chic ensembles. Thrift shop for something in your size, and be ready to tailor your palette to them. If the only kind you can find are fluorescent yellow, work around that; sport an array of bright colours.

Hiking boots are also a nice option, especially if you know you’ll be heading to some more mountainous zones, and often old hiking boots come cheap, with the added bonus of an authentic road-worn look. They’re not as waterproof as galoshes, though, so check out the weather and the area before you arrive so you can make an informed decision.

Trousers need to be comfortable and durable, and, since they are likely to get dirty at some point, either a dark brown or blue. Check your existing wardrobe; are their any old jeans that you wouldn’t mind staining? If so, save up those Benjamins and put them towards some decent stools or a cooler.

Finally, the overcoat. You might have assumed a blasé dismissal of employing raincoats since it’s summertime, but do not make this mistake. The only thing predictable about weather is that it is unpredictable. Prepare thyself. No matter how stupid you may feel wearing a hand-me-down macintosh, you’ll look far more laughable soaked to the bone sporting a scraggly mess of hair.

If you do go for the raincoat, go all out. Get it in a bright colour, get something that will fit nicely with a decent lapel, wear it with pride. Vintage large-buttoned raincoats are a fantastic choice, available in light oak browns and creams, and if you’re lucky, you could find one in a thrift shop.

The best way to make something enviable is to exude confidence while you sport it. Style is not a trend; style is an attitude.

-Jenny Crompton
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Anonymous said...

WTF? I know you're trying to make a buck, Mr. G, but this goes too far. It's your blog, and you can do what you like, but I'll be deleting a bookmark if this becomes normal.

Joe said...


This was not a decision that came easily. I have turned down so many requests for things like this in the last five years, and I am yet to decide how I feel about this. Please don't make it more difficult.

I am not, as you phrase it, "trying to make a buck" at this. I am trying to provide for my family in any way I can. As a stay at home parent without a college degree, that frequently means getting creative. I am not going to apologize for getting paid what amounts to a real pittance given the amount of time and effort this blog takes. If you were to take what I was paid for this post and divide it by 1825 days of blogging, its really next to nothing.

It is in no way my intention for this to be "normal". I am still in charge here, its still my voice. I appreciate your readership and hope not to lose it.

In addition to raising two small children, I work full time, at night, write this blog and also run a small business on the side. My wife is a full time salaried employee in good standing at her job. We work very hard, and we still squeak by most of the time. I will not beg forgiveness for this.

I hope you understand.


Rob said...

It's pretty easy to just tune this stuff out. Most other sites have far more odious methods of attracting your attention to advertisements. Yeah it'd be nice if they weren't necessary, but a couple more flicks of the mouse wheel isn't really too heavy a cross to bear.

Joe said...

Thanks Rob...I think

Evan said...

No problem here as long as the posts are marked Sponsored; furthermore, I found the post itself to be tasteful and well done.

Anonymous said...


I'll look at these every time if it means more 'Maine Shoes' and more 'Freedom in the Restrictions' (the title seems pretty apt, come to think of it). Keep doing what you do, make your voice distinctive so it can be heard: many of us are out here listening.

Solly said...

Why are some people outraged by ads on blogs but yet happily page through printed magazine filled with advertisements and not blink an eye? People who create worthwhile content (printed, digital or otherwise) deserve at the very least to make a living for their considerable efforts. You have my support, keep up the good work.

JG said...

Joe -

I've been a reader of this blog for a long time, and have purchased from the Shop before.

In my opinion, the only thing you're guilty of is apologizing too much. As an expectant father of modest means myself, it makes me really glad to see this space growing popular enough to monetize. Ads or no ads, I will keep coming back so long as good content is posted, which is always the case.

Best of luck in everything,

Anonymous said...

Continuing in the vein of an affordable outdoors kit, readers in the Northeast may already be aware of the consignment basement of IME in North Conway. I have no association with IME other than being a very happy customer. I've bought used gear from alpine ski boots to climbing gear to a patagucci puffy there.


Anonymous said...

Morning Giuseppe,

First of all, love the blog and have been a long time reader (and buyer from the online shop). I usually never comment (the exception being ol' Whiskey Papa's when it was around) because of how judgmental and passionate these comment sections can get.

I have no qualm with you trying to monetize your blog. If it keeps it up and running and keeps you moving forward, then I absolutely think it is critical that you find a way to do it more (I would hate to lose another informative blogger). It is amazing how fast us in the ether can cast judgement on others without having the experiences that person has. I imagine this decision was not made lightly.

I know you will always keep it as honest and objective - that is why I keep coming back. Oh ya, congrats on the opening of the store and I hope to visit soon, though I live north of the parallel so it might take a bit.

Keep up the good work and the best to you and yours,

Jason Reynolds

Young Fogey said...

The wonder is not that our friend Giuseppe has leveraged his considerable knowledge and experience into a money-making opportunity; the wonder is that he did not do it earlier.

Look, guys, G has the equivalent of a Master's degree when it comes to his knowledge of a wide range of men's clothes, and how to purchase top-quality goods at bargain-basement prices. What's more, over the years he has shared this knowledge via a website he created and built, and has gained a large and dedicated readership—with good reason. To criticize him for using his talents and knowledge to provide for his family is the height of not only ridiculousness, but also hypocrisy: all skilled work, blue collar or white, becomes more valuable with increased knowledge and experience of the one doing the job, and any reader of this blog who does not do this is either independently wealthy or a fool.

Good for you, G! I will continue to be a loyal reader, and will read the sponsored posts, knowing that by doing so, I am helping you, mio amico.

Anonymous said...

putting up a sponsored post is okay, but I would not have labeled it 'camping gear'. Real camping gear (like that found on the site www.hurricanecamping.com) might be trendy but is actually for camping. I'll keep reading but keep wearing my trusty hiking boots...

Nick said...

I'm with most of the above posters -- the ad was fitting, not offensive in any way whatsoever. It makes perfect sense for you to try and eke some cashflow from this great blog.

btw -- Millets is far from trendy -- it is an affordable and excellent camping and outdoor gear supplier all over England. It clad me through my Scouting days and onto several Glastonbury Festivals -- their wellie-selling tent in 2007 was a welcome island in a sea of mud!

Anonymous said...

I know we're all busy being enraged at advertising on the internet (gasp) but I'd just like to say if you wear a second-hand London Fog raincoat while you're camping you'll probably be eaten by a bear and no one will help you because you'll look like a tool.