11 October 2013

Fall Casual

Fall Casual, or, British-public-school-algebra-teacher chic.
Ralph Lauren shirt, $5.99, Brooks Brothers khakis, $5.49, Viyella tie, $1.99, Barbour jacket, $150 new at outlet, Donegal tweed cap, $1.99

It can be difficult to dress well when its simply a matter of choice. You can learn to get over the feeling of being overdressed as compared to everyone else around, or even the feeling of being inappropriately dressed for the conventions of modern life. Guys who dress well, or "dress up"" as the rest of the world calls it, tend to go full tilt into it. Generally I believe that if you wear a tie, you should also wear a jacket, even if that jacket gets removed and hung up immediately on arrival. But there are times when a casual midpoint is just the thing, and I find that Autumn is just the time for that. 

In my job, there are time when I have a lot of work to do, and being too dressed up is simply not appropriate for that. But an outfit like the one pictured above works nicely. Its basically comprised of sturdy casual cotton pieces, all derived of either work or military origin.

The addition of a solid tie in a soft fabric makes me feel more finished, without feeling overdone. This tie is an unusual one, made of old Viyella, 55%cotton/45%wool. Recently acquired for $1.99 at a thrift shop, I can already tell it will be a frequent player this season. The undone button down collar is a hopeless affectation...
...as is the tie tied with rear blade a bit longer than front blade.  Blame the internet, or the Italians, but I had to do something to keep the fuddy duddy math teacher vibe of such an outfit \in check.
These old penny loafers could use a shine, but I'll save that for the next time I wear them with a blazer. A whiff of the old wear and tear isn't always undesirable.

Fall really is the perfect time for these mid-casual outfits. The days are sunny, and just chilly enough to feel comfortable in moderately substantial clothing. A Barbour jacket or similar has a way of making just a shirt and tie look less unfinished, and a good tweed jacket with denim is pretty indisputably classic by now. Embrace the chill.

p.s. my apologies for my recent absence here. Technical difficulties of every kind this week.

p.p.s. If you are in the Boston area this week, the annual Honk festival is happening in Davis Square. The weather looks to be just right for some activist marching bands, and maybe even a trip to the AAW Shop for some Fall Casual.


Tobias said...

My beloved Detroit Tigers have made it past those pesky Athletics from Oakland and are in route to Boston to play your Red Soxs.

I believe a friendly wager between gentlemen would make this series even more interesting.

This being a blog about mens clothing/style, I see it fit to wager articles of clothing. I was thinking ties because I don't think we are the same size to trade anything else.

In addition, if my Tigers win, you post a picture of yourself on your blog in a Tigers hat and if by some fluke Boston wins, I'll send you a picture of me in a Boston hat to post.


CuriousGeorge said...

I just noticed that your shirt had a button down collar, but in the close-up picture it didn't look like the buttons were actually fastened. Am I seeing things, was this intentional and what's your opinion on button down collars?

I'm of the opinion that those buttons should always be fastened, but a buddy of mine (who is not terribly fashionable) swears that they only need to be fastened when wearing a tie. Your thoughts?

The Govteach said...

Well, this is the way I dressed for years to teach high school history and political science...In Texas. :)

Gustavo said...

Good day, sir,

I just recently was asked what my favourtie tie is, and it took little to select the Royal Scots regimental, which goes fine with all my suits and jackets, just like perfectly shown on your store's pictures.

ravnos said...

This screams of John Cleese in several Monty Python sketches...

Marc said...

Public school? As in fee-paying private schools? Those fellows dress differently than the photo. No khaki trousers and rarely a dark shirt.

All the time I was at school in England (and in a semi-rural area) I never once saw a waxed jacket worn by a teacher. Pop a tweed jacket on that ensemble and exchange the trousers for thick, grey flannels and you have my history, geography, maths and Latin teachers all rolled into one!

Stephen said...

The Barbour waxcotton jacket--timeless classic, yes, but you need to keep renewing the wax finish,
else they wear through rapidly.

Just a tip. . .