30 January 2014

I Can Smell A Bargain


"while I have not visited too many Thrift Shops, I have never seen anything like a Barbour Coat, or real British Tweed at the ones I have visited. You are like a pig sniffing out Truffles."
-A.A.W. reader R.D., via email

Most people would't exactly cotton to being compared to a pig, but I'll take that as a huge compliment. Oddly, I'm usually dressed a lot like the gentleman in the photo when I'm out "sniffing".


Meg said...

I got a long Barbour waxed coat at a thrift shop in London. It weighs a TON! I also used to have great luck at the car boot sales before steeplechase races which generally were for the benefit of the Injured Jockeys Fund.

Stephen said...

Pricey at upscale shops, and easy to wear out, Barbour wax cotton is best bought at thrifts. Still better, in my experience, is Stormtite, a UK brand you don't see much here, just as pukka but something you needn't fuss with.