26 September 2008

Breaking the Law

Today I bought (gasp!) pleated pants!
Normally, I am so anti-pleated-pants that I could write a book about it. But there's something about this pair. They're a right proper pair of grey flannels. The cloth is very heavy wool, almost like WWII military stuff, but soft. And the cut is superb through the legs. Plus, the pleats are inverted, and very shallow, and that flap on the right side (left in the picture) actually has a little watch pocket under it. $7.99 at an undisclosed thrift shop.
So the question is this (God, I sound like a presidential debater) : Are these pleats an egregious affront to traditional tastes, or will the Distinguished Members of the Board grant me a zoning variance on this one? (God, I sound like an architecture student.)


Charles said...

I might give you a variance, but I'd need to see them on. For me, the thing about pleats is that you have to get them high on the waist in order for them to look good. For this, one must either be anatomically gifted or be willing to wear suspenders. I am neither.

Pleated pants worn low on the hips almost always look like hell.

Anonymous said...

No, there's nothing wrong with those pleats. It's those double pleated docker type pleats that you must keep avoiding.