23 September 2008

Emergency Pants

So I guess this is what they call the 'shoulder season' here in Boston. It's that time of year when I wake up in the morning and the house is freezing. So I get dressed into that tweed jacket I've been waiting to wear again. When I leave the house all is perfect, but somehow one hour later that tweed jacket is way too hot. Later that same day, I'm freezing again, and as the sun goes down the tweed jacket hardly helps.

What's even trickier is the fact that all my summer clothes are put away for the season. After all, who wants to wear madras bright colors after Labor Day. But, it's nowhere near cold enough for the winter stuff. Suddnely, I found myself with only one acceptable pair of all purpose pants, some nice heavy khakis. Now, I could be like my grandfather and wear the same pants every day, or I could be like me and get some new pants, which is what I did.

So yesterday, I took some nice new cords to the tailor. She rolled them up to show me the length, which was way too long. I explained to her where I wanted them to fall and she made adjustments. I changed back into my ill-fitting, cheap cotton pants. The ones I always wonder why I keep and then one day all the laundry's dirty and its 75 degrees in september and...

She said " You like these pants?"

I said " No, I hate these pants. I only wear them in case of emergency, or when nothing else is clean, which is an emergency."

She said "O.K. Come back Thursday."

A goofy post, I know, but entirely true. Here's hoping for a drop in temperature.

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Anonymous said...

Go to Dick in Central Square. Never an argument, he just says he keeps that extra fabric in there so that when I realise I'm wrong he can fix my pants. Two years in I don't even tell him I want them a half inch or inch too short he just does it.