25 September 2008

When I grow up...

...I want to be like this guy:
photo credit by The Sartorialist
This 'Trad' look that we all get on about is undoubtedly an American thing at its roots, and sometimes one can feel excluded. Sure it was born of the sons of the old money who went to Harvard and so forth, but let's not forget that clothing and attitude are for anyone with the nerve and understanding to pull it off.
As a person of pure Italian descent myself, I give this guy a full fledged "Tutti Bravo!" He reminds me of my father's father, Francesco. I inherited the clothing gene from him.
He probably doesn't speak English, and he's almost certainly a Catholic, but if this guy here isn't TRAD, then I don't know what is.
We can all only hope to be half as striking at that age.
(2 posts in one day? I must be on a roll.)

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Charles said...

Nice posts. And a nice picture. I think I have that coat - at least if it's not the exactly 100% cotton version. I am going to try to wear it without arms in sleeves but I fear I will have to pick it up off the ground a lot.