01 October 2008

Gingham Checks

I like a big Gingham check dress shirt. It's a nice break from blue, white, pink and university stripes. They work great for dressy casual in the fall with items that are solid colored, but textured.

Grey vintage cashmere and wool herringbone sport coat: $4.50

Navy and white Gingham button down from the clearance rack at (gasp!) Banana Republic: $11.99

Navy cotton knit tie: $2.99

On the bottom:

Tan Italian wide wale corduroys: $4.99

Navy socks with white and kelly green dots, Florsheim loafers

(I realize the loafers have been getting a lot of play recently, but what the hell, they're comfy and they go with everything.)

On an unrelated note: since the last thing I would ever want to do is discuss professional sports on this blog, I'll make this quick. Boston Red Sox vs. Chicago Cubs at Fenway Park in the World Series. An event that many say would bring about the end of the world. Well, if that's true, I can think of worse ways to go than half asleep on the couch with a cold can of beer in my hand and that on the t.v.


Anonymous said...

Another great combo, Peppino.

Good taste, a sense of style, and a good nose for genuine bargains.

Keep up the good work!

james at 10engines said...

huge on the ginghams as well. good stuff. and the knotted tie.