22 October 2008

Glory Be to the God of Thirft

and many praise and thanks to him for smiling so heavily on me this week. I scored so much good stuff in the past few days I feel like I've done something wrong. Check it out:

Brooks Brothers (made in U.S.A.) 3/2 sack tweed: $4.99
Wool Black Watch tartan slacks: $2.99

Cotton lined lambswool L.L. Bean sweater: $5.99

New-with-tags navy and kelly green lambswool sweater from Polo: $9.99 (admittedly, the zipper is a little modern for my taste, but it's warm and soft and new, so who cares.)

Plus a couple of neckties, the vest sweater from yesterdays post, a grey and white university stripe button down, and a really killer pair of flannel lined L.L.Bean khakis. The whole lot was barely $50.

And now for a sartorial question. Today I wore the blue and green sweater above, with a pink shirt and khakis. It was raining (sort of) so I wore my duck boots.

My question is: is it alright to wear these boots on a merely rainy day simply because I like them, or do they require snow and/or hunting? Penny for your thoughts, readers.


Anonymous said...

I've seen far more extravagant boots worn in far nicer weather. I say, if the boot fits...

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

If it's really raining (not just a few scattered storms) then you NEED boots. Nothing looks better than practical fashion.

Jocke said...

I for one never liked these boots.. I think a pair of wellingtons would look better.
Like the ones on the left: http://www.hypebeast.com/image/2008/08/gant-new-yorkers-sartorialist-1.jpg

DAM said...

If its raining, they are appropriate - I highly doubt L.L. would have ever thought his iconic classic would be limited to its use of two activities.

Death Bredon said...

No, no, no. NEVER wear Bean boots when its wet or rainy -- only when it is bone dry. Rain is for putting some patina to your Sperry topsiders.

Also, your khakis should be high-waters to reveal that you're not wearing socks with your gum boots.

Finally, one unneeded layer of top wear is required -- such as a Bean Down vest or a Norwegian Wool Sweater despite a temperature in the 50s.

Keep trying. Your getting there! ;-)

Eco-Prep said...

I wear my Bean boots in the rain quite often, rotating them with my Hunter wellies. I love the way they look with khakis and colored casual trousers and occasionally denim. They are a terrific all-purpose boot!!! I say keep wearin' 'em if they make you happy!

DWWS said...

Not only may these boots be worn when it is merely rainy, but they may be worn, quite appropriately, to cocktail parties as well. Try searching for a used pair of Bean's "Gumshoe"; it's the lowest lace-up version of the duck boot, with only 2 eyelets (or is it 3...? I should know, since I was wearing them this afternoon....) Also, a pair of the slip-on moccasins is great to have, can be worn in *any* weather and are quite comfortable without socks! Carry on!