22 October 2008

The Pinch

I guess everyone's feeling it, even in the more exclusive neighborhoods.

Good Heavens, how will these poor, destitute souls ever survive?


Anonymous said...

Perhaps you should break your rule and give them the address of the nearest thrift shop, otherwise they might be forced to start going naked!

Turling said...

This is the second recent potshot you have taken at that particular blog. My question is this, if no one buys the clothes new, how can someone buy them later used? I'm sure your posts are just good natured ribbing, but the question still remains. I also believe that Will gives his unwanted clothes to the San Francisco Opera, or perhaps it's the symphony, I can't quite remember. I for one would be heading down there at this moment if I lived in the City.

Giuseppe said...

Too true, Turling. I never meant to come off as sour grapes.

I began thrifting because I couldn't afford to buy clothes any other way, so when I hear people say that they must resort to repairing their custom made clothes, I get a little irked.

That being said, I check that blog everyday, so take that for waht it's worth.

I guess its like the old ladies say"if you can't say something nice..."

Anonymous said...

Funny thing about Will's post on custom-made shirts; Some of his photos feature poorly fitted shirts in which the shoulders are wrongly sized! The horror! And to think, they're custom made! I find better fitting off the rack shirts everywhere, and I'm a tiny guy!