02 October 2008

Worthwhile Compromise

Tonight I had the all to rare occasion to wear a whole suit. I had the first of a series of "crits" in my architecture studio class. Actually, these days such an occasion hardly requires a suit, but I made the reach for an excuse just the same. So I brushed the dust off of my Brooks Brothers medium grey 3/2 sack suit. This suit is the cornerstone upon which my entire dress wardrobe is built. Grey Brooks Brothers suit: $14.99
Blue and white pencil stripe shirt from 'Georgetown University Shop': $4.99
Repp tie from the long gone 'Simon's Copley Square', where I used to work in high school: $1.99

On the bottom, black oxfords (in need of a polish) and grey socks

Besides being the perfect background for any shirt and tie combo I can throw at it, this suit is what I might call a 'worthwhile compromise'. It's not all wool, but rather a blend of wool and (gasp!) polyester. While there's no denying the superiority in every way of wool, this suit fits me so well and comes in so handy and wears so hard that I figure it was worth buying. The pants have even served from time to time as a foil to my navy blazer. I get complimented on looking well every time I wear it. Maybe it will help me land a job that will pay me well enough to buy new (i.e. not thrifted) clothes for myself. A fella can dream , can't he?
p.s. dirty little secret: it actually has a tag inside the jacket with washing instructions on it...don't tell.

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Anonymous said...

That's looking good no matter the price. Sharp is sharp.