15 November 2008

Even I Can't Believe This One

It's a good thing screwing around on the internet is a sedentary activity. You'll want to be sitting for this one, a thrift find that exceeds even my own comprehension as a well seasoned thrifter.

Meet the "Silver Trumpeter" by Hart, Schaffner & Marx.

You read that right, 100% cashmere.

From Finney Woods Men's Shop in Haddonfeild.

The cut, label and two button cuffs date this coat firmly in the early 1960's.


I don't watch Mad Men like I know a lot of you do, but that coat is awfully Don Draper, don't you think.

The best thing about thrift stores is when they keep the 'good stuff' behind the counter because of its $20 price tag, and all day long people become incensed that they could have the nerve to charge so much for a coat. Until someone like me finds it and has to contain himself so as not to let on what kind of stealing it really is to pay so little for something so nice.

Everything's relative, I guess.


Anonymous said...

The mother-lode! Persistence pays off.

Old School said...

Absolutely amazing!

Wear it in good health!

Anonymous said...

Hot Damn!!!

Pitboss12 said...

Talk about hitting the jackpot! Extremely nice coat. I would say that it's more Roger Sterling than Don Draper but that's not really the point here. I think I'll have to hit the local thrift later today and have a look.

Toad said...

Stop now. You have peaked for a lifetime. Great job.

Anonymous said...

Where is Finney Wood?

Googling didn't turn up anything.

Giuseppe said...

Unforunately, I'm pretty sure that Finney Wood's Mens Shop ceased t exist a long time ago.

Whatever happened to quality store-branded clothing?

Jean Martha said...

Perfect score!!

I wandered over here from Toad's blog...don't mind...I don't drink much...

Anonymous said...

AAW - Nice find indeed.

FW was on King's Hwy, main drag in Haddonfield -- which is in NJ, appx 8 or 10m outside Phila. Very tony, waspish for a southern NJ burb; it's the piece of the Main Line that got away. Oddly, Quaker blue laws or the like kept otherwise cool town booze free -- even today, I'd imagine. FW store sold fine clothing, (like Jacob Reed's in town) and is long gone I believe. My mom, always the classic sort, took me there as a kid very often. Actually, I bought a shiny new SS Rollie Oyster (on my wrist) 32 years ago a few doors down from FW at Yampell's. Tempus fugit.

Since you're a bike guy, here's one for you: I picked up a 'sorry we don't accept sporting goods' mint 1988 Bridgestone RB1 from a lady this summer at a Goodwill dropoff point. Scolded myself on the way home for voluntarily being someone's trash bin, then googled it which led to Sheldon Brown's site, and then sold in on eBay (cause it was too small for me) for over $600 -- so I know how swell you feel!! This means there is no doubt whatsoever that I am now officially out of any and all luck in the bargain department for the rest of my living breathing days. I don't even hope for another one...

It's a unadulterated fact: The market determines price and the intellect determines value!


Rick D

Giuseppe said...

Rick D,

Thanks for the info on Finney Woods. Sounds like my kind of shop, which doesn't surprise me given the look of this coat.

Look for a future post about Simon's, a similar now defunct men's shop in Boston where I worked in high school.

Pigtown*Design said...

i won't even tell you about my extensive cashmere sweater collection, numbering in the dozens, all from thrift or consignment stores... or my huge collection of copper pots and pans and moulds that were usually no more than $5 because they look "old".

Unknown said...

Finney Woods was owned by my Uncle Finney and Aunt Kathleen. It was ran by my Grandmother and Aunt after Finney's passing. We still have all kinds of goodies from the shop. Very cool!