13 March 2010

Last Chances...Go Full Blast!

Here in Boston, we've got a good bit of Spring Fever in the air. It's a good thing. We've had some great weather for the sartorially over-wrought: warm enough to enjoy being outside in the afternoon, cold enough at night to keep the tweed and flannel in regular rotation. As the weather turns generally warmer, I find myself looking forward to all the stuff that's been in storage, but I also want to squeeze in one last chance for cold weather favorites while I can.

To that end, I wore this tartan flannel vest today. You may remember, I bought it a while back, but had yet to wear it. I'll be honest. I think this vest is really something. I'm sure many of you agree. But a piece like this brings everything to the next level. Admit it. Lord knows, I'm more than a little bit of a peacock, but even I can't find it in me to push it this far too often. However, with a blue oxford, thick flannel navy balzer, club tie and yellow foulard pocket square, the overall effect is very Brooks-Brothers-catalogue-with-the-watercolor-painted-illustartions-circa-1983, no? (I tried for hours to locate an outfit just like this in an old Brooks catlogue online, to no avail. I know I've seen it before. Wherefore art thout, Heavy Tweed?)
The club tie is the only thing here actually from the Brothers. At first glance, looks like it might be Harvard, only it's not. Pretty sure it's (gasp!) generic. J.Press would never sink so low.

Lets pause for a note on crests and logos:

I used to think it was no good wearing a crest or logo that you didn't earn. Mostly, I still do. But think about it. If we hadn't made a habit of appropriating military or school uniforms, we wouldn't have navy balzers, striped ties, khakis or trenchcoats. So who cares if I wear a fake club crest tie, just because it looks cool to have shields on my tie, and works really well with the plaid vest? Not me. Besides, the very purveyors of these things sell their wears to the general public. Pretty much kills the exclusivity argument, right?

Still, I get it. In the old days, nothing bothered me more than when one of my secret favorite punk bands got jsut this side of too well known. I understand.

Finshed simply, with big fat grey flannels (last chance?) and shiny brown brogues.

And since it was raining like hell, a tan Macintosh and a Pendleton cap, in Black Watch. One more tartan, you know, for good luck.

p.s. despite what I may wish to the contrary, I do in fact live in the modern world. As such, it seems clear to me that in order for events such as The Top Shelf Flea to succeed, An Affordable Wardrobe ought to have a page on Facebook. I've been trying to figure it out for three days. I still don't see what the point is or understand how it works. I try to ask people I know for advice, but all I get is "Oh, it's easy." Well, no, it isn't. Not if no one will explain it to you. Everything about Facebook runs against the genral way that my head works.I feel gross just for signing up. Anyone want to lend me a hand?

p.p.s I accidentally published a few spam comments, one about ladies viagra, one about dirty pictures, something else. I can't find which post they are attatched to. If anyone comes across them, please let me know so I can take them down.


Mark said...

A facebook page is seperate from a facebook account, it's like a billboard, and you can send messages to the 'fans' without having to worry about managing an email list. You can also host a small discussion board, and post links.

I made a page for my 'stache, which was carved from a playoff beard.

Now, I did nothing to promote it, and it was created purely in jest, but I think it illustrates the possibilities, and aims of a facebook page.

Rob Boddice said...

beingmanly on facebook

Here's a link to mine. Scroll down: the last thing in the left column says 'create a page'. After that it really is easy. The main thing is to get your fb widget on the blog. FB will prompt you, to be sure.

Thad said...

Great looking outfit!

If you still need some Facebook help, shoot me a line.

Joshua P. Premuda said...

I'd be happy to help you out.

The Sluice Box said...

I recently created a Facebook page for my blog. Just be careful when you create the site to select the correct type; in your case it's "website." I chose the wrong type and had to recreate it. Keep in mind that a fan page is different from a page for an individual. Feel free to contact me if you'd like more detail.

TheOldRoad said...

Well, I was going to offer a hand, but it seems like the offers are pouring in! Definitely post the link as soon as you have something and I will be sure to add it and harass everyone I know appropriately.

Love that Tie-vest-pocket square combo, by the way!

Giuseppe said...

Thanks everyone for offering your help.

I've just been tryuing for about an hour and a half to set up the page, just to get it published. I cen't figure it out at all. Can't post a photo. Can't figure out how to port anything. Don't even know what this is for or how to work it at all. I'm getting all infuriated by the secret languaue of abbreviations and half words, like "app" and "admin". Why doesn't anybody use full words anymore.

So infuriating!

Old Trad said...

I have no idea what Facebook is, but your outfit is beyond all praise.

The Cordial Churchman said...

Seems like the spam comments are attached to the post "In Praise of 60/40" -- April 21, 2009.

I think that "wherefore" means "why" rather than "where" and I think "wares" is spelled that way rather than "wears."

I only discovered both of facts recently.

I'm going to miss my flannels, but once the reds are out of storage I'm sure I'll be okay.

Man, that's some vest.

Giuseppe said...

Grazie mille, Churchman.

spoozyliciouzz said...

Wow, great colour- and textile-mixing here...you know how to handle those things carefully.


don't go man

Anonymous said...

Churchy is right:

A common misconception is that "wherefore" has ever meant "where"; it has even been used in that sense in cartoon depictions of Romeo and Juliet. In Romeo and Juliet, the meaning of "Wherefore art thou, Romeo?" is not "Where are you, Romeo?" but "Why are you Romeo?" (i.e. "Why did you have to be a Montague?").

Young Fogey said...

Love the outfit. Nicely anchored with the blazer and flannels, and the shoes are top-notch.

Looks like a couple of the buttons need replacing--or is that sprezzatura? ;-)