04 March 2010

The Office Aesthetic

With the Top Shelf Flea closing in fast, I find myself ever more in need of office supplies. As with everything, style is the utmost consideration. I place it well above functionality and modernity any day.

You may remember my typewritten oak tag business cards. They've been a real hit with people. Memorable and nostalgic, with the advantage of being a hand-made pain in the *ss. So I decided to have a rubber stamp made for the next batch. That plus the Carter's ink pad? Unstoppable. Turns out your high school Principal's secretary was pretty bad-ass after all.

Meticulous records must be kept. These days, a "normal" person might set up an Excel spreadsheet. I prefer a hardbound ruled ledger book.

I plan on using this to catalogue my purchases, complete with description, cost, date sold, and re-sale price. All by hand in black ink. This sort of thing may seem archaic to most people these days, especially the young'uns, but I love it.

Just to keep things on the up-and-up, I need the ability to produce a legally binding agreement. Thus this pad of sales slips.

In high tech carbon less triplicate: white for the customer, yellow for the government, and pink for the vendor.

While we're on the subject, I bought this Stendig calendar, 3 feet x 4 feet, back at the turn of the year. Originally designed by Massimo Vignelli in 1966, it's been in production since. In 1967 it was in the MoMA. A bit dear at $35, but worth every cent.

Here we see the whole thing in action. Other items of note:

-Plastic Schlitz cup, circa 1970s, used to hold pens

-Deck of Modiano Siciliane Italian playing cards (just like Nonna & Nonno used. My favorite game is Briscola)

-Nylon card case/ wallet, by Billykirk. A gift for Mrs. G., purchased at the last Pop Up Flea.

-1950s vintage "Flexo" fluorescent desk lamp. What? You think Thom Browne invented this stuff? If you did, I'm sorry to disappoint you.


there's still some room left at The Top Shelf Flea. If you or someone you know might want in, drop me a line soon.


Anonymous said...

You would probably appreciate an old school date stamp with the rotating month, day and year. I bought one years ago, turns anything into a daytimer and it's pretty sweet to rock the card catalog style.

Rebecca said...

It's ALL good! My fingers could almost "feel" the textures of the various items... Style IS king - and when combined with functionality it surpasses modernity all the time, in my opinion.

Paul said...

The Flexo lamp rocks!! Hey, if you want a vintage Esterbrook fountain pen to go with that ledger, its yours.

James said...

Great work space, I could spend some blog time there. Good luck with the flea market.

Simon said...

Love the Flexo lamp. My dad still has one of those over his desk.

Anonymous said...

I have the same deck of cards on my desk at home, except mine are Modiano Napoletane. I'm more of a Scopa man, though, as I never miss an opportunity to play with my dad when my parents come over. Good times...

Mr. Black Lauren said...

The lamp is killer!!

TRVS said...

I couldn't have chosen any better. I use a very similar set up for "The Shoe" ~~ the ledger is perfect. And since I have absolutely no idea how to create a spreadsheet on this box in front of me, I'll stick with the nostalgic, methodical, old fashioned way of conducting my little business :) Your desk looks like a scene from a Mad Men episode!

The Cordial Churchman said...

My dad had one of those Schlitz cups, and I always thought I was cool when I'd drink soda out of it as a kid.

Stamps are great, too.

Sandra said...

Love your office!!

I just finished a scouring of eBay and Etsy for wonderful vintage things to give my daughter for her office. So much more interesting to use things that have some history to them.

Etsy has some very cool vintage staplers and tape dispensers.