15 November 2010

New Life for Old Silk

My newest bow tie arrived by post recently, courtesy of Ellie of Cordial Churchman fame. No surprise, it's a winner. Best part is this used to be an old Brooks Brothers Makers necktie, circa mid 1980s. In that guise, I wore it often, frequently with this same Brooks brothers shirt. Then one day I spilled a big drop of olive oil on it, right by the point. Being of Italian decent, I bet I have more of a problem with spilled olive oil than your local W.A.S.P.

I know I've sung Ellie's praises here before, but it's a topic that bears repeating. To be fair, Ellie did this as a gift to me. She'll gladly give new life to your old silk for a scant $26. It may not be a buck at the thrift shop, but that's a bargain any way you cut it.

Shame on you if you don't have a Cordial Churchman bow tie yet.


Anonymous said...

I'm new to your Blog, and loving every post, but this has to be praised as it has given me an option for a greatly loved silk Gianni Versace neck tie, which seemed well beyond repair to me.

I'll be contacting Ellie in the very near future to see what she can do for me!

Thanks for sharing this great business with us all.

Unknown said...

When your nemesis set up his online shop, his posts for a good while after seemed mainly to be pushing the stuff he had for sale, which got a little dull. I love the fact your first post-shop-launch post is in praise of someone else's wares.
My first Cordial Churchman purchases are winging their way across the atlantic to me as I type - I've never seen such lovely looking bow ties for sale here in England (if they were they would be three times the price).

Christina, Esq. said...

I need to teach my husband how to tie a bow tie. Then we can get somewhere.

Jed said...

I have a couple bowties from Ellie and I have nothing but great things to say about them. Great quality, amazing price, and they always get plenty of compliments!

Anonymous said...

She did a bunch of tie conversions for me and they were all great.

3button Max said...


Anonymous said...


I always knew you were a decent Italian - Mr Berlusconi appears to be the other sort.

Tomraw, you can find good bowties at £25 (so a bit more, but not three times) in the Piccadilly and Burlington Arcades.


Giuseppe said...


As a race, we Italians are not realy known for our skills in politics or diplomacy. Berlusconi serves as a severe example of this. And don't forget about that porn star in parliament.

Young Fogey said...

As the old joke goes:

Heaven is where...
the police are British,
the chefs are Italian,
the mechanics are German,
the lovers are French, and
it's all organized by the Swiss.

Hell is where...
the police are German,
the chefs are British,
the mechanics are French,
the lovers are Swiss, and
it's all organized by the Italians.

(Depending on your preferences, the position of the French and the Italians in heaven can be switched.)

Regardless, it's a great tie--and so are the rest of the Cordial Churchman's wares.

Young Fogey said...

BTW, great shirt in that shot.