03 November 2010

White Suede and Grey Tweed: Casual Editon

Four days later, white bucks and a tweed jacket get a second airing, this time in a more casual feel:
With a Brooks Brothers shirt in navy gingham, a tan wool v-neck from the House of Tweed in Scotland, and my favorite paisley square.

Dark blue jeans, washing and wearing nicely, and argyle socks. In the past, I wore my jeans with big cuffs. These days, I like them in a proper length. Every now and then, a small cuff is the trick. It gives just the right tiny nod to a 1950s look, kinda Pat Boone, but without the dorky aspect.

I titled this post the "Casual Editon". It's true, this outfit is relaxed and comfortable, but the original combo of tweed and khaki would have been cosidered fully casual not so long ago. Many people might have considered todays combo to be dressed up. How times change.

I can remember when I was 12, in 1988, the older kids would wear wrecked white bucks with a button down oxford and a crew neck school sweatshirt, in the Fall. It was a look. The more dashing among them night finish it with a scarf or a sports coat, likely stolen from dear old dad.

I'm telling you, white bucks in Fall are the jam. Don't knock it till you've tried it.


Silk Regimental said...

That top photo looks fantastic! What a combination. I'm going to try and copy that.

notesandbeats said...

I like your looks, but have you ever tried eliminating one piece of clothing, like the sweater, or eliminating just one of the patterned pieces of clothing and replacing it with a solid (or something that reads solid)?

Ted said...

As great as white bucks are... I think a pair of the original clarks desert boots would fit just as well, they are tan, and wear on them showing, they would be less fashion taboo to wear with that outfit.

Roger v.d. Velde said...

In the top photo the shirt collar protrudes forward and under your chin, doesn't that bother you? I have a shirt that does exactly the same and I find it hard to wear as it pops too far out of the sweater.
That paisley handkerchief is excellent, I like the relaxed fold.

NCJack said...

I have three yellow sweaters that probably get more rotation than any of my other dozen or so, and lots of compliments. Great look you have there

Dunno about the white bucks with the dark jeans though

John said...

I agree with the first comment. Very good combination in the top photo!

Young Fogey said...

White bucks with dark pants are not for the faint of heart. I like it, but then again, I've done it myself.

Target socks. They have some surprisingly good socks, I'm telling you.

Another inspirational post. And the pattern combining? Masterful.

Sean said...

How much rain do you get? Perhaps you should engage a Seattle correspondent (hint hint ) to advise readers whose homes are semi-submerged 6 months a year, for suede is a poor choice here (though that does not stop the college girls from wearing Uggs)

tintin said...

No. Tweed and white bucks are wrong. I can only imagine you pair the bucks to a white belt. One shudders at the thought.

Giuseppe said...

White belt!?!?

Ouch, Tin Tin, have some decency.

Young Fogey said...


Clothing is regional. For example, something that's ordinary in the South might look like a costume in California. On the other hand, what passes for "business wear" in the Silicon Valley will definitely not pass muster in New York.

Wear suede when the weather allows.

—from scummy California