02 February 2011

Off Season: Warm Weather Togs

I'm not one to complain about the Winter, but we have had quite a time of it here in the Northeast these past few weeks. What better time to discuss Summer clothes? You've heard me say before that a willingness to buy items far out of season is a secret weapon in the thrift shoppers arsenal. Not only do you get the pick of the litter, but if you keep a positive outlook, it'll help you survive the cold in the hope of balmier times to come.
An olive poplin suit by Brooks Brothers, three button sack with patch pockets, acquired through a trade at the Top Shelf Flea Market II back in October, been in the back of the closet since. Haven't even taken the tags off. Poplin suits are a funny thing, especially the "wash and wear" variety. True, a suit in mostly polyester with wash instructions should be against everything I stand for, but I think this number will work out fine with a blue shirt and necktie with a burgundy ground.
Another visit from the Brothers, this time in a classic blue and white seersucker jacket, 3/2, patch pockets. I picked this one up in the late Autumn, also been in the back of the closet since. Should work great with a lightweight pair of slacks in charcoal grey, a white shirt and a bow tie.
Yet another Harrington jacket, this time in classic tan with a red tartan lining. Another strike for the polyester based fabric, but who can argue with a Harrington jacket?
Not made in England, but a real Baracuta brand piece none the less. Couple of bucks.
A cotton plaid driving cap, newly arrived from Orvis, $8.40 in their "tent sale". Have you seen the Orvis tent sale? Check it out, they're giving stuff away. Orvis called this madras, but it's far from it. Still, it should look snappy with Chuck Taylor's in natural canvas, khakis and a clean white tennis shirt.
And speaking of madras, here's a pair of vintage patchwork pants, no brand name, in real bleeding Indian madras, circa 1960s, acquired for a dollar on a really cold day. That means I now have two pairs of patch madras pants, which is at least one, and probably two, more pairs than decency would allow.

Looking at all these fun items I have to look forward to in the warmer months helps me forget, even if only for a moment, that we're running out of places to put the many feet of snow that continue to blanket my hometown.
A plate of homemade cinnamon doughnuts for breakfast with Mrs. G. and the kids helps ease the pain as well.


Scott Alexander said...

Congrats on more brilliant finds. The doughnuts look delicious. I'd like to send you some ties and such, if you don't mind. I just sent you an email about it.

mistermidwester said...

I was just lamenting this the other day. The day before receiving 7 more inches of snow and -20 degree wind chills, I found two pairs of patchwork madras shorts, a pair of white linen pants (oh dear), and a couple great oxford-cloth styled polo shirts from Lands' End. It was all dirt cheap, so it got washed and socked away for a little bit longer.

It has to warm up eventually, then I'll be on the hunt for heavy tweeds and woolens for fall. :)

Young Fogey said...

Wow--great stuff.

You are going to love those pants and wear them until they turn to ribbons, I'm sure.

Shoeless Joe said...

Here in the South, it will be time for these items sooner rather than later. I saw a pair of patch-pants in the local men's shop for $90. A bit much, if you ask me.

Your doughnut picture is intriguing. How about posting a recipe?

Anonymous said...

I'm so angry at all these sales going on around me.

I just lost my job and I can't take advantage of a single one.

davidsl said...

home made donuts? dude, do your kids know how lucky they are?

Zach said...

As a transplant I don't get the whole New England complain about the weather thing. I work with people who have lived here their whole lives and it's always "what's it doin outside?" and (my personal favorite) "is it cold?" It's New England. In February.

I grew up in the mountains of PA and we always got more snow and lower temperatures than Boston. And from what I hear Chicago is worse.

I've got a goosedown parka and some rubber boots. I go about my daily business.

Giuseppe said...


Complaining about the Winter (and the heat in Summer, or the Red Sox) is a local past time in Boston. Drives me mad, I can't stand it.

"Can you believe all this snow?"

"Yes I can. This is New England in January."

Still, I am looking forward to madras and seersucker, and any excuse to make doughnuts is a good one.

Anonymous said...

love the blog, but maybe this is the reason for some of the tight fitting garments