17 April 2011

Bidding In Reverse

The bidding will start at $125, do I hear $125? I have $82.99 in the back, $82.99, Do I have $70? $70, on the phone. Yes, $61.99, gentleman on the isle. Do I hear $55? $6.99, crazy fellow dressed head to toe in old stuff that he went to terrible trouble in chaotic and dirty thrift shops to acquire. Going once, going twice...sold for $6.99 to the crazy fellow. Congratulations, sir.

Crispy khakis, cut like fine dress pants, made of luxurious Italian fabric, the perfect shade of khaki with just a whiff of sheen about them. Unfinished hems. Made in Korea, but you know what? My trusted tailor is also from  Korea. I'll keep these on a hanger, my "good khakis" for when I need (or want) to look especially crispy. (Just not at a funeral).

p.s. In reference to this post, best spam comment so far:

I in items value graciously your masterly approach. These are pieces of damned fit tidings that transference be of thoroughgoing ingest bound than of me in following



Roger v.d. Velde said...

Haha "crazy fellow" indeed. I like the new header, all two-button-sleeve jackets.

cfb said...

This post is making me miss the old Filene's Basement days something wicked. I recall the time I thought finding something for "charity" meant it was free! Ha ha...I was corrected by the women at the downstairs counter. Silly twenty-something...

Jonathan said...

It's called a Dutch auction when the bid starts high and is sold to the first bidder. Not that names matter--much.