30 May 2011

More Firsts Of The Season

Poplin suit (more on that later)
 Gin & Tonic (actually, this would be the first finished bottle of gin for the season)
 Platic pool
 Richie's slush (used to be called slush, anyway. Still just as good)
 Seersucker pants
 Pink wine, al fresco dining in the back yard
Weber grill

Not neccesarily in that order. All in all, it's been a damn good week.


Stu said...

I love those seersucker trousers, you should really get some size 42L in your store ;)

Keep up the blogging,

Sean said...

You inspired me to break out the seersucker trousers. WINNING!

You dig pleated trousers, right? I kind of wish these trousers were flat front. But my Tiger Blood/Adonis DNA means I can WIN with pleated pants

Scale Worm said...

And the week just started too. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Great pics and great Curtis Mayfield response to the racist hater. This preppy, middle-aged, (albeit untatted) Greek-American is a fan of your blog for its personal, passionate, and frugal approach to La Bella Figura. Keep up the fine work.

Anonymous said...

this is going to sound like a bad plan but try putting a cucumber in your gin and tonic instead of a lime. it goes awesome with the bombay and the fever tree tonic.

Hilton said...

A cucumber garnish is best with Hendrick's Gin, sir.