19 October 2011

Tweed & Flannel

Wool, cashmere or some of each. Herringbone, glen checks, tartans, and more. A few choice bits of vintage bullet proof Harris Tweed. In a wide variety of sizes.
All available Sunday at the Flea. If you live out of town, don't worry. Remaining goods, as well as plenty of Fall/Winter items being held for the shop will be available online early next week.

Polo Teddy, in a vintage bow tie and Brooks Brothers detachable wing collar, will not be for sale, at any price, but he will be in attendance to sign autographs.


Jho78 said...

I noticed what I believe are a few Pendletons on the end there... I've actually been working in Pendleton, Oregon for the past few weeks, but the thrift stores there are awful.

Scale Worm said...

You are killing me Brother with those gorgeous woolens (I love the Harris and Pendeltons). Mr. P. T. Bear is rather dashing. Good luck to you.

mistermidwester said...

If I lived anywhere even close, I would be at this thing with bells on. As it stands, I'll just have to hope that there are a few things made for tall apes that don't get snatched up and instead find their way to the AAW shop at some point down the road.

Good luck with the event. I'm sure it will be smashing.

Young Fogey said...


Pendleton Woolen Mills still weave the material, but the clothes are made abroad :-(

Also, as you may have noticed, Pendleton is rural. The Pendleton Roundup may be the most famous local event, so I wouldn't expect too much out of the thrift stores.

However, I hear they have some sort of Pendleton outlet there; I don't know if it's just material or if they have clothes, too, but you might want to check that out.

Anonymous said...

Will there be a good selection of smaller sizes? I'm a 36S.