26 October 2011

You Are Not a Mannequin

Inspired by the success of some little outfit called Polo Ralph Lauren, my man Bill wore this to the recent Top Shelf Flea IV:

55% wool/ 45% cotton Viyella shirt, J. Press tie, Andover Shop collar pin, Andover Shop tweed, vintage 1970s corduroy vest.  Polo Ralph has a particular knack for selling things, and I'm not the least ashamed to admit to stealing from him. At least I stayed away from the immensely affected pinned button down collar. Bill can wear it, you (or I) probably can't.

I have been considering the possibility of having a few shirts made in big tartan plaid with spread collars and French cuffs. Given my rube tendencies in custom shirts, this should come as no surprise. It will be either murder, or suicide, sartorially speaking. The jury's still out, and your opinions are welcome. Likely the more sensible among you will advise me against it. Also likely I get one in Dress Gordon for the holidays. We'll see.

p.s the Shop is brimming with new stock. Check it.


Anonymous said...

As Tim Gunn would say, "That's a lotta look."

I don't think the shirt and tie work together. Otherwise, it's okay.

Chens said...

I'm wearing a pinned buttondown today, but at least I removed the buttons.

It's a shirt I plan to throw away soon.

David V said...

I can wear a pinned collar.

Ernie Romford said...

Perfect! Just the sort of thing that Ivy Trad or Unashamedly Crap might wear. I love this 'look'.

Young Fogey said...

Do it. Get the shirt.

I can't wait to see what you decide on, and how you pull it off.

Sean said...

i wear double cuffs almost exclusively. I would totally wear it with tartan. That is just me, but if people have a problem with it, that is their problem. go for it.

Anonymous said...

I'd think twice about double cuffs on the spread plaid numbers; seems like it'd make them much less versatile. I have a couple and they look very sharp with a solid silk knit.