08 November 2011

Glen Check Ties

A nice alternative for Autumn, in silk, wool, or a blend. Don't forget the glen check tie.
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This one in tan,burgundy and hunter green silk is a US made number by Polo, ($1.00). Acquired years ago, I don't wear it enough. Quiet enough to be dressy, but rich enough to knock the office vibe off of this old charcoal striped suit. Plays well with a cashmere coat for a trip to an off Broadway theatre.

p.s. please forgive the gratuitous linking to my own stuff. Shameful, I know. But I'm experiencing camera difficulty and I already had this picture saved.

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Young Fogey said...

That's a great outfit.

I've had glen check ties on my brain for weeks now—I can't find a nice one in navy! Plenty in black and/or gray with white or cream, and more than a few in other colors, but not navy.

Anybody know where you can get a nice glen check tie in navy these days?

Anonymous said...

Just got the Lands End men's catalogue yesterday and they were featuring wool ties, some with similar patterns. The glen check is classic with a capital "C".