27 November 2011

Patience is a Virtue

Three years ago, in the earlier days of this blog, I felt compelled to post every day. When I had nothing to write about, I'd put up a silly haiku (remember those?) like this.

Just last week I found these:
$4.99 at an undisclosed thrift shop. No brand name, but quality construction, likely from Berle or Hertling or some such respectable manufacturer who does work for all the fine men's shops we swoon over.

Patience is a virtue. Please have some patience when I finally don these silly things...and you know that I will.

p.s. new stuff in the Shop.


Anonymous said...

Love it. Those are pretty cool.

Anonymous said...

Only in New England, old boy, only in New England. Or, occasionally from Vineland Vines, J.Crew, et al. But I know, the nouveau prep retailers are really knocking off what you scored. And the shipping would be more that you paid for the whole pair of pants!

Roger v.d. Velde said...

But...but...they're completely covered with embroidered lobsters!

When it comes to madcap trousers, you're the daddy :)

Anonymous said...

Jealous. Amazing.

Jho78 said...

I really would like
One million dollars right now
In my bank account

Young Fogey said...

of the sheer futility.
Haiku in English.