21 November 2011

A Wedding In the North Country

My absence here in the last few days can be explained by my presence over the weekend at yet another old friends wedding on the coast of Maine. Ever since Mrs. G. and I opened the old marriage and children door eight years back it seems all the old boys are stepping through, one by one. Coastal Maine in November may seem like an unusual choice for an outdoor ceremony, but the weather was beautiful, if a little brisk, and the newlyweds couldn't have been happier. Of course, my only photos were of things superficial. I leave the important stuff to the paid photographer.
I, for one, embraced the chill, as it gave me a chance to indulge in some flannel and tweed. Stripes on stripes may not be for everyone, but it can be done. In this case the white club collar (Brooks Brothers, $5.49), white square, and solid navy wool tie ($1.00, Zareh of Boston) keep it all in check. Dressy, without being too stiff.

Grey socks and shiny black vintage 1960s Italian made shoes ($7.99) finish the job. Pay no attention to the cheesy hotel carpet.
A Chesterfield coat (Andover Shop, $9.99) and a black fedora ($9.99, not shown, see here) ward off the chill.
But that's just me, let's talk for a minute about a friend of mine:
Our man Mr. H. is a skinny fellow. He owns this suit, in soft grey flannel. Three pieces, hacking pockets, ticket pocket, flap breast pocket, and the most perfect 3/2 roll I've ever seen. Jealousy abounds here, since I'm the one who found this sartorial masterpiece a few years back at Keezer's for a scant $75. But alas, I'm not skinny, and Mr.H. is, so I put him wise to it. Score one for the good guys, I guess.

Made by the remarkable Rizzo tailor shop of Harvard Square in 1979. A real knockout punch.

When a guy shares a hotel room with other guys in "the band" ( wife and kids at home for the weekend), this is the sort of thing happens. Good times.

In case you're wondering, that's what an R&B rhythm section looks like. A 1964 Slingerland drum kit and an Ampeg Portaflex tube amp. Guaranteed to keep the folks dancing. Thankfully, I'm pretty sure our playing lived up to the equipment we use...at least I hope so.

A truly beautiful wedding cake, decorated with understated taste in simple fresh flowers was home made by the groom's sister-in-law, also a good friend. Three separate layers, but I had a piece from the bottom, chocolate with a perfectly balanced whiff of hot chili peppers. Another knockout punch.

Topped by a vintage  figurine which originally adorned the groom's grandparent's cake in 1950. Both still living and both in attendance. It must be something to see your wedding figurine on your grandson's wedding cake. Yet again, knockout punch.

If every wedding were this much fun, I'd hope for one every other weekend. Congratulations and best wishes for a bright future, to the new Mr. and Mrs. G******.


Anonymous said...

Looks like a wonderful wedding-- hearty congrats to both.

But two pocket squares?

Giuseppe said...

Double trouble.

Anonymous said...

great blog. great story on the figurines.

Yankee-Whisky-Papa said...

Very well done. You upstage me with the flask filler, though... I usually drop in the cheap stuff. Well done.

Claude said...

I've had my '72 B-15 Portaflex since high school. It's playing many shows, and yes, THAT is an R&B rhythm section.

Sheik of Araby said...

As ADG has probably said (using more syllables than I can conceive of): The good God intended that you put a square in that breast pocket.

Robe or overcoat, it doesn't matter.

Anonymous said...

Any chance you could post a recording or two of the band? Some of the music loving blog readers out here in the “flyover” states would appreciate it.

Great blog! Gives me a daily dose of the Northeast, which is tough to come by in the Midwest. Please keep up the great work!

Roger v.d. Velde said...

Nice to see a label hand cross-stitched, with substantial thread, into a coat rather than the nasty machine zig-zag.

And is that a tub of Royal Crown hair pomade on the sink/washbasin?

Metcarfre said...

I think you're right about the toning-down of the stripes. Though I personally wouldn't opt for the club collar, at this point you wouldn't be you without it, or something similarly outlandish.

(Just remembered I'm due a tie from the AAW store - looking forward to it!)

@BostonGentleman said...

Exceptional attire for a wedding.

Midwest Trad said...

Glenlivet...a solid choice.

Giuseppe said...


Good eye, on both counts


I brought Old Overholt Kentucky rye. The groom generously left the Glenlivet 15 year old as a thank you gift for the band. Who am I to refuse a generous gift?

Pasquale said...

Just want to point out for the sake of decency that the Portaflex pictured and used by the band is a real deal 1965. Sort of a thrifters dream, bought out of a repair shop unrepaired for 1/4 what it is worth repaired, fixed it myself. Worth more as a bass amp than a museum piece so it hits the road and the studio hard and often. These things, like those drums, or that whiskey are tools.

Nei Pori Leto said...

Good eye for details! Loving the cake. Thank you for the idea 'cos I have one skinny fellow, too.

tintin said...

Does Charlie know you have that Chesterfield?!

Giuseppe said...

Tin Tin,

That coat was actually my icebreaker with Charlie. I had it on first time I met him. He complimented it, I showed him the label, and he said "I thought it looked like one of ours. You buy it here?"

"No,I got it at Goodwill for $10"

"Fuck you!' he said. We've been fast friends ever since, and every time I se him he demands to know the complete story and price of all my clothes. Drives Jeff nuts, but Larry loves it too.

Peter Sawatzky said...

Awesome rhythm section gear... any details about the rest of the band? Set list?